Aikatsu! Cards are used by Idols, originated from the Aikatsu! System these cards allow the users to enter the digital stage with the cards that contain the coords which are either created by the system Itself or by one of the Brands with the designers designing them for the Idols. The cards generate with a type, sometimes being a multi-type or neutral although most likely they are assigned to a Independent type.

Each card Is divided Into a piece, which are; Tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, accessories, shoes and much more Included.

Guides Edit

Types Edit

There are four different types; Cute, cool, pop, and sexy. They each wear their own type, sometimes wearing other type Coords for a event or a unit coord which are usually not the type the user Is. These different type of coords have rarity that differs each, the lowest rarity being normal type cards which have low appeal points and lucky stars, they will be mostly used for rookie Idols or a normal concert, as for Rare type coords they are only Included If you get given them by the brand suppliers, It's quite rare but not as rare as many redeem It. Although, there are Premium Rare Coords are only once time made coords for you by the top designer of the brand at hand, you must go to the company building and request It from the brand designer.

Coords Edit

Coords are any type of accessory or clothing, shoes to a Idol that are Imprinted Into a Aikatsu! Card which creates a coord, they are used to dress with the dress that allows the Idol with a school card or a Idol card to enter the stage with, If you grow, gain weight you will no longer use your former or past coords you've obtained, thus the reasoning for the starter coords changing every few years.