Aikatsu! New Melody (Blossoming Melodies!) Is the first spin-off of Aikatsu! Next Melody which has four novels, and nine hundred chapters all together. The spin-off focuses on Chika Hoshimiya the daughter of Ichika Hoshimiya, who has to deal with the struggles of having a weak heart much like her ancestor Eriko.

Plot Edit

Chika the daughter of the former Idol Ichika has graduated primary, ready to go to middle school with her and her friends but they want to aim for Constellation Academy, despite Constellation Academy not being as famous as the others they want to put all there Aikatsu! Into becoming Idols, but how will Chika and her friends deal with Aikatsu! If everyone assumes they have to be the best due to there parents, will the pressure consume them or will they continue to do there Aikatsu?

Chronology Edit