The system is the platform within Aikatsu, It allows a user to become digitally enhanced and enter a stage which can only be seen with a antenna, however, it requires a student pass to Identify the current Idol, and chosen coords with a rarity.

Each system shares a platform, having a dresser in which the Idol enters, despite that the appearances differ from one another to give a unique touch to the Idols academy.

System Edit


The Aikatsu! System Is a digital platform that allows you to do a platform of some sort, and special techniques which you can only do within the digital event which are appeals. Appeals are a technique only Idols can master, those with enough radiance and practice will be able to do a Appeal of different rarity, Including auras which Is the sent of a Idol.

Despite the System not fully being known, It's aware that you enter a digital stage, being enhanced to do a certain event within the system. You can only see the event with a antenna, which is a Item that allows you to see a event by Idol(s), In other circumstances they are watching this online and/or are in the system Itself.

Appeals Edit

Appeals are special techniques mastered by Idols, they show the radiance of a Idol with a certain rarity. The maximum rate appeal Is four, however, the only known Idols to get to four appeals Is Mizuki Kanzaki.

Events Edit

Event(s) Idols perform are usually concerts, fashion shows, dramas, or dances, to do most of these events a Idol must need a Aura, which is the trademark and scent of the Idol, with Aura they will be able to do a Appeal which needs enough radiance.

Dresser Edit

Dresser (Aikatsu! Dresser, Idol Dresser) is a simple dresser which allows the user to become digitally enhanced once passing through for a event, you must have a student pass and certain coords to enter the dresser, In other cases a special pass which allows a certain user to go on stage without a student pass. Once you enter the dresser, you will find yourself within a area of magic. Each Academy has a different system within, however, they are usually sparkly and light colored.

The system currently allows a Idol to fall down the system, where they find themselves lost until the coords they have chosen appear and fly around them, once they touch the coord a accessory of some sort shall grow out the certain coord to appear on the Idol, when the Idol Is finished they will do a pose before jumping on floating objects and opening a locked door with a key.