The fanmade kingdom AU is as the name suggests, completely fanmade and not influenced by any of the founders of Aikatsu next melody. It is merely something a fan made to add her own spin to the series, it is not cannon in any way shape or form.

"I'm not pretty, I'm not smart, how did I deserve this?"

The Plot Edit

There are two kingdoms all with their own rules and regulations- The kingdom of starlight and the kingdom of Goddess. All was going well until the day the former king and queen died leaving two children to rule- Ichika and Lala, they had arranged for Lala to get married to a fine prince from a far off kingdom called Kou- Kou was a fine prince but after a small period before Lala and him were meant to get married despite never meeting before Kou and Ichika fell deeply in love. Now since Kou was planned to get married to Lala the two falling in love was a crime punishable by death- so Ichika and Kou ran deep into the kingdom into hiding. News of the two swept like wildfire and they became the two most wanted people in the kingdom and Ichika gained the name the 'fake princess'. During this time of weakness the Goddess kingdom declared war on the Starlight kingdom, little did they know a small group of people in Starlight kingdom were brewing up a plan to revolt against both kingdoms- mainly just to save Ichika and Kou's love.

Characters Edit

Lala- the Princess and future quuen of the starlight kingdom who secretly would rather be anyone else.

Ichika- The 'fake princess'.

Kou- Lala's fiance, although he promised himself to Ichika.

Cera- A librarian in the starlight kingdom, Co-leader with Tani and a certain someone else of the Harmony revolt.

Tani- Leader of a criminal mafia-like gang, Co-leader with Cera and a certain someone else of the Harmony revolt.

Chiyo- Queen of the goddess kingdom.

Mielle- Chiyo's lady in waiting, an oracle.

Ayumi- A close friend to Ichika and baker in the starlight kingdom, joins the Harmony revolt but is secretly a spy for Chiyo.

Yujo- Princess of the far way star harmony kingdom, a big target for both kingdoms to get on their side of the war. She has a rare and mysterious power.

Riko- Ichika's clumsy guard, she later joins the goddess kingdom after the starlight kingdom kicked her out for trying to protect Ichika and Kou. Former member of Tani's mafia-like gang.

Hana- Someone who was supplying the flowers for Lala's wedding, becomes Lala's lady in waiting.

Maeko- The mysterious tailor in the Starlight kingdom who seems to be able to make her clothes come alive.

Chole- A member of Tani's mafia, a noble from the goddess kingdom. Tani's hostage. Has a dream of escaping.

Hanami- A member of Tani's mafia who was lead there by a butterfly and buttered up by Tani's words- later joins the Goddess kingdom and becomes Raimu's 'Apprentice'.

Raimu- Originally a co-leader of Tani's mafia but joins Goddess kingdom and becomes an assassin, trying to kill Lala. Disguised as a fruit merchant.

Miyuki- Ichika's lost sister, true heir to the throne. Will they ever return?



Chapter 1 Edit

"Ichika, why are you here?" Lala asked- looking at her sister stare longingly at a shine of flowers. This shrine was of course, a shrine dedicated to the lost princess of the starlight kingdom- Miyuki and the former king and queen. "Why are you crying?" Ichika looked up smiling, she looked pathetic her eyes were soft as she lowered her crying head. Her hair was a mess and her clothes were torn.

"You're too late, I'm afraid- I'm already in love."


"Princess Ichika...honestly- you need to get ready to meet him." Riko sighed as she shook her head. "This is your future brother in law- shape up!"

"Ichika- please please please! Just give him a chance!" Ayumi begged, gently waving her arms around her blonde hair swaying.

"I'll try I'm just scared- like...W-what if he's secretly a wizard and talks about alchemy the whole time and I don't understand, or what if he...he's obnoxious and I'm stuck with him due to the dumb arranged marriage!" Ichika looked away, shivering over all the horrors she could think of when it came to this 'Kou.' Although she could never guess what would actually end up happening. Riko chuckled and shook her head, patting Ichika on the shoulder.

"Don't worry m'lady- We'll be with you and if all fails we can just discuss a good book or two with him- that's usually the way to get through annoying conversations. Especially since we just got some new books today. Infact- the provider has a gift for you." Riko smiled as Ayumi walked over- comforting Ichika as well. Ichika's eyes lit up and she thanked her friends for encouraging her but butterflies still flew around in her stomach as the doors opened to reveal their guest.

She walked in, her silver ponytail bobbing in the gentle lights flickering through the massive stained glass window- her eyes shone in ripples as the light cast over them and for a split moment a smile could be seen on her pale face. In her arms was a book, ready to be delivered to Ichika, The girl bowed, smiling as she closed her eyes before immediately opening them- It was at this point Ichika noticed the strange tattoo in a pretty pattern at the end of the girl's fingertips as she slid them down the book.

"Cera, at your service- Your highness."


"Let's hope Cera's plan succeeds."

Tani stood in the base, the dripping mossy walls of the passages feeling somewhat homely as she narrowed her eyes- sensing a presence not akin to the rest of the mafia gang, she turned around to look at the one she envied her whole life.

"Lilla, what exactly are you doing here?" Tani growled, her voice almost as sharp as a jade blade scraping across a pale slate.

"Tani, this is ridiculous... come home, please." Lilla sighed, twisted fears slowly climbing out of the bottom of her heart and showing on her face before they completely erupted- the scissors used for cutting fabric that Tani had been twirling around now right up against her throat. One moment more and the scissors would be cutting material for a dress- and that dress would be made out of Lilla's skin.

"I'm sick of it being Tani AND Lilla." The red eyed girl frowned, drawing ever so closer...


"I've already seen Lala, your highness," Cera noted quietly, continuing to slide her fingers down the book- Pausing and choosing her words very wisely. "I...Blessed her for her upcoming wedding, but I came by to give you this too." Ichika blinked, tilting her head a little as she looked at the book.

"Oh! Why thank you, Cera was it?" Ichika asked, a small smile on her face as Cera nodded.

"That is what the world has named me. But a name can change in a moment, you'll learn that soon." Ichika nodded in response, not fully understanding Cera's cryptic words.

"You mean how our family name is going to change after Lala gets married- right?" Ichika nervously giggled, looking at Cera as she bowed and started to leave the room.

"If that is what you wish to believe, then go on blind Princess."