"Life isn't just a blessing it's a curse, but with the help of humans all of us can make this society a better place!"

-Airi's quote

Airi Futaba ((愛梨双葉), Is a main character of Aikatsu Next Melody series. She is a student at Goddess Ark and a cute type Idol whose preferred brand is Flora Spirite. Airi is currently 12 years old.

Bio Edit

Airi Futaba is a student who goes to Goddess Ark. In the past Airi was adopted by Aria Futaba and changed the title of her name. When she was young, she always wanted to be an Idol, but never got the chance to be one. Airi prefers quiet areas where she's able to be alone and look at many view points that she has never seen before. Airi used to work at the flower bouquet shop her mother still has opened today. She still visits the place just for a family visit or just to hang out with them. She always questions herself about the things she wants to do as an Idol like what was her goal for doing this she never had a real reason why she wanted to be an Idol, but hope one day she's able to find some sort of reason that leads her into being an Idol.

Before Airi auditioned to get into Goddess Ark she took a tour of every academy that was listed in the brochure map. She even traveled around places just to work hard on her Idol activities even though it wasn't easy she was able to manage such as doing morning runs, working on her signature on a big piece of white paper and even tried to dance, but failed so many times. Airi knew that getting into one of these academies we're going to be hard, but she was willing to take that chance. She really loved kids, so at times when she isn't busy working on her Aikatsu she would play,read and interact with the childrens it made her really happy.

When Airi was watching the entry's to get into Goddess Ark she was really surprised at the people auditioning here she thought to herself that she wouldn't have a chance, but didn't want to give off a negative vibe because she won't know unless she tries. The second she stepped foot into Goddess Ark it was really beautiful that her eyes begin to shine smiling looking around. As Airi was doing the entry exam she did mess up quite alot making her embrassed she felt like everyone that helped her prepare for this big day was just a big waste due to how many times she failed at the dance, but it wasn't her fault she didn't get enough sleep. The next day even though Airi knew she wasn't going to get accepted she decided to check anyway when she saw her name her face lit up and a huge smile bloomed across her face she was really happy.

Appearance Edit

Airi is a young girl who has short shoulder length light pink hair like the color of cherry blossoms. In her hair she has a braid that goes down attached with a small clip and is seen in her Goddess Ark uniform.

Appearances Edit

When Aria found Airi she was wearing a white dress with bruises on her legs she was barefooted and her hair was long down to her waist.

After Aria took Airi in she would wear a really cute blouse with a necklace that is the color of her green sandles. She was seen in shorts and her hair was in two short pigtails.

When Airi goes outside to train or exercise she's shown wearing the Goddess Ark training uniform her color is white and green. Before she goes out to train her hair is in a small high ponytail which is being holded by a rubberband.

Before Airi goes outside into the city she wears a diguse which is comfortable black sweatpants with a white short sleeve shirt along with a hoodie that she puts over her head and the type of shoes she wears are sneakers. Airi wears a mask to cover her bottom face sometimes.

For an overnight wear Airi is shown to wear a blue oversize shirt with white shorts under and she leaves her hair out. Sometimes she'll change and put on a onesie which is an animal of a swan.

Her preferred coord is Vivid Memory which is about shining flowers with sky related accessories and all that like a garden and a sky. She got the idea from Ichika Hoshimiya.

Personality Edit

Airi is a girl who is seem to be very childish and acts like an Aria 2.0 even though she isn't. She's someone who is very kind to others and helpful many ways to make this society a better place. Airi is someone who will tell her opinion even if she has a hard time telling what she wants to say. She's a smart girl who loves to cook and bake, but almost burned the house down once and got scolded by her older siblings. Airi is somewhat childish sometimes when it comes to talking about Food,Idols,Flowers,Manga,Dogs and Kpop. She's a hardworker who would help anyone even if she has a busy schedule because she has a hard time saying no, but she's still working on it.

Airi is very shy and clusmy when it comes to meeting new people she tries her best to get along with everyone. She usually would feel very awkward in crowded place because she probably would get lost and would be very scared and freak out.  She's someone who tries to play the big sister figure, but fails she remembers drawing in her notebook of all the things she would do to make herself seem more grown up and it didn't turn the way she wanted to when she showed her siblings they both just laughed and teased her. Airi was really embrassed and went back upstairs to her room to try again.

When it comes to talking about their childhood past Airi is someone who isn't comfortable of sharing she would excuse herself and walk upstairs to her room where she can be alone for a bit thinking of all the flashbacks of her past.

Background Edit

When Airi was young she used to be very emotionless and showed no feelings whatsoever. After her real mother and father got divorced and left her she was forced to stay at this place she absolutely hated. Hearing all the screams and cries of people being tortured, she thought what has this society come to. Airi was very scared trembling like she saw a ghost or something. The way the kids that were her age treated it was like they had no freedom at all. They were forced to work every single morning and were taught difficult subjects. If they didn't score well they were going to be put in this room were they'd fix them. It happened to Airi a few times she would cry wanting to leave this place it was like she was a bird trapped in its cage and have no freedom to spread her beautiful wings.

Every night Airi would pray that her parents would come back to get her atleast one of them even if she tried it wouldn't fix anything it's not like they supported her when she wanted to be an Idol as a dream and were usually busy working. Airi decided to tough up and just did her best it's not like she'll ever smile and once she completes what she has to do she'll free herself and everyone else here. So, everyday Airi and a few kids would do everything they can to create a hole to get out. It took 5 months to do, so and they went through the tunnel to escape after that and ran off to the police to tell them everything after they dealed with this whole mess. They were at an adoption center were they met very nice people.

Airi who would sit alone looked up at the girl talking to her it was Aria Futaba and she wanted to adopt her. Airi felt a bit of happiness inside of her as she was happy that someone finally would show her love and passion in a family. When Airi told Aria everything she wanted to do as an Idol such as win that huge flower competition that they have every year, but they have to earn the flower coord in order to do so. Aria was very happy and decided to give Airi a brouche map of every Idol academy it made her smile for the first time in forever.

Relationships Edit

Mielle Le Lumiere-Airi met Mielle first when she enrolled into Goddess Ark. She was nervous, so she missed a step and tripped almost fell on top of a girl as she was chatting with her friends, but before she could Airi got grabbed by someone who says "Angie!" at the end of her sentences. She thought she met her godmother like from cinderella till she snapped back into reality looking at Mielle who laughed a bit, but helped Airi up. She was happy that she got to meet someone and would follow Mielle everywhere even at times give her a flower.

Ayumi Shiratori-When Ayumi transferred to Goddess Ark she wondered why she left Starlight in the first time, but didn't want to be noisy about it. Airi decides to make Ayumi feel Welcome to the Academy.

Itsuki Takane-Airi is very close to Itsuki in the academy she met him late at night when he was doing his paperwork. They both get into the most arguments, but she always finds a way to tease him about his height. Airi actually developed feelings for Itsuki even if she didn't know anything about love.

Lala Nijino-Airi is someone who looks up to Lala alot she always visits her bento shops and sometimes watch her on Aikatsu news. She finds it adorable how Lala always acts when it comes to camera.

Ichika Hoshimiya-Airi really likes Ichika aswell she got to meet her through Lala. Airi was the first one to tell Ichika about her past. They both love strawberry parfaits

Cera Komori-Airi and Cera share their love for books, but even if Airi has a hard time reading. Cera teaches her well and Airi appreciates it and hopes to do something big for her in the future

Karin Kurisu-Karin teaches Airi how to draw because Karin is an amazing artist so she wants to learn

Hanami-Airi and Hanami both get along even better than Lala and Hanami. Airi tries her best to play video games with Hanami, but always looses she hopes one day she'll be good to take her down

Etymology Edit

Airi (愛梨-Airi) Ai (愛-Ai) means love,affection Ri (莉-Ri) means white jasmine

Futaba (双葉) means bud or sprout.

Aura Edit

Airi's aura is contained of flowers with music notes circled around hearts.

Trivia Edit

•Airi real name is actually Aina, but changed her name

•Airi is a fan of BTS and her bias is Jin

•Airi loves sweets

•Airi's autograph signature is her name in cursive with a drawing of a flower outside

•Airi's roommate in Aikatsu Next Melody is Mielle Le Lumiere

•Airi was born June 18