"Stars didn't always have a beautiful shine! They had to struggle, too! Ayumi Shiratori, begining to shine like a mini-Sirius!" -Ayumi before her performance

Ayumi Shiratori (白鳥あゆみ) is currently 12 years of age, she's a main deuteragonist In Aikatsu! Next Melody and a cute-type Idol whose preferred brand Is Starry Ribbon, the brand where she is the muse of.

Ayumi was a solo-Idol however she forms a unit with Ichika Hoshimiya, and Lala Nijino under the title of Shooting Star. This unit goes on a hiatus, but with Ayumi's return It makes It's comeback, alongside the unit Snowy Palette with Hanami Vaquez.

She formerly attended Starlight Academy but transfers to Goddess Ark for 2-4 seasons, but as of season 5 she transfers back Into Starlight Academy.



Ayumi Is a short pale girl with pale blue eyes and long pale blonde hair, her hair reaching her waist much like her mother followed by short-cut bangs that frame her face, and her hair pulled back Into wavy pigtails with a single pastel pink ribbon.

As a student of Starlight Academy, she wears the default uniform however when she transfers to Goddess Ark, her default uniform changes to the default school wear of Goddess Ark before transferring back to Starlight Academy


Ayumi Is optimistic, energetic and Insecure. She's often a energetic girl often running around with endless energy, this leads her to being late to various events, Including her bad memory that makes her run late, despite being this gung-ho and kind to people around her she has a lack of confidence In herself, often looking down upon her hard work and/or performances.

She has a large love to help people around her In anyway she can, that can be with chores, or different activities, even helping out with depression; Ayumi would do anything, however due to her kind-heart she often brings herself down, having to work harder than others even If It's almost Impossible.

She barely can ever say no due to her optimistic personality, she's full of creativity, and can be a curious little girl who loves to find more about the world; she becomes a easy target to show something cool off, as she'd find nearly everything amazing.

Ayumi can be quite loud at times, however that's the perk of her personality as she can get the attention of anyone who she's talking to, she becomes soft around fluffy toys preferably magical girls of some sort or Idols, she has a huge love for Mew which explains the reasoning of her boasting about Mew.

Ayumi's Interests are quite wide, It could be star gazing to role playing she would try to fulfill all her desires within the world, this resolves In her getting distracted too easily. And due to her child-like behavior she believes any lie told around her, often wanting to go on a adventure due to a single story.


As a child, Ayumi was lonely, quiet and really Insecure. She often was alone at home also, as her Mother Hime Shiratori was always busy with work, and not having any friends affected her even more. However, one day when she was going through severe bullying, Ichika Hoshimiya, who saw this began picking up for her, In the end Ichika became friends with Ayumi and Introduced her to Lala Nijino who found her cute, from here they all began best friends, they did everything together; and even shared there secrets.

Every single day they never missed finishing Lala's favorite song with Lala, and Ichika, often role playing as Idols who are doing concerts and/or going on small adventures which would get them lost. Ayumi managed to get tickets to Miyuki Kanzaki's solo-concert from Hime Shiratori, there she Invited her two best friends Lala Nijino and Ichika Hoshimiya, they went and saw the passion of the concert; this Is where Ayumi and her best friends decided to become a Idol, despite Ayumi not trying the first time she decided to try the second time.


Ayumi met Cera whilst Cera read a book In the hallway, Ayumi thought of her as a secret genius and filled her up with questions before Cera answered. They became close friends later, Cera Is one of Ayumi's fellow members In Kiseki Stars.

Ayumi met Lala In Kindergarten, both being best friends and talking about goals and dreams with each other. Lala Is Ayumi's fellow member In Shooting Star and Kiseki Stars.

Ayumi met Ichika In Kindergarten, both being best friends and often talking about random topics but enjoying It. Ichika Is Ayumi's fellow member In Shooting Star and Kiseki Stars.

Ayumi admires Miyuki as a top Idol, and often looks at her as a big sister to follow. She attends Miyuki's concerts whenever she can. Miyuki Is Ayumi's fellow member In Shooting Star.

The two haven't met.

The two haven't met.

Ayumi admires Chiyo alot. Chiyo was the main reason Ayumi transferred to Goddess Ark; her radiance was shocking. Ayumi and Chiyo are good friends and often hang out along with Mielle and Sakura Seki.

Mielle is Ayumi's best friend in Goddess Ark. Ayumi also admires Mielle as Mielle also has a shocking amount of radiance. Mielle and Ayumi room together and hang out frequently with Chiyo and Sakura Seki.

Ayumi sees Sakura Seki as a big-sister because Sakura Seki is often taking care of Mielle, Chiyo, and herself. When Ayumi met Sakura Seki, she was shocked as she had so much radiance yet wasn't even in the top 4 on the Aikatsu Ratings.

Ayumi views Chinami as 'a super cold tsundere but ends up being a deredere when you talk about her favorite things'. Ayumi is shown to be friends with Chinami as Chinami attends Goddess Ark with Mielle,Chiyo,Sakura Seki, and herself.

Ayumi often calls Hitomi 'senpai' as Hitomi is so swag and dank. Ayumi one day hopes to be as swag and dank as Hitomi. Although Hitomi was cold at first, Hitomi ended up warming up towards Ayumi.

Hanami and Ayumi met through the unit competition duo and decided to form a unit named Snowy Palette. They are now friends and they often call each other and message each other, due to having to work on the unit.


Shiratori (白鳥) means white bird, referring to the animal Swan.

Ayumi (あゆみ) means "step" or "walk", however in deeper terms to walk your own way.


"The stars weren't always shining so bright, they had to struggle, too! Ayumi Shiratori, ready to shine like a mini Sirius!" -Ayumi before her performance

"The stars are so bright, just like idols. Idols shine just like stars, in fact their the guiding light to lost people trying to find their way out of the darkness. Don't give up, Ichika-chan! I know you can shine brighter than everyone else, so don't give up on sparkling!" -Ayumi to Ichika

"Ichika-chan, although we may not be the brightest stars yet, i'll lend you my power, if you lend me yours in return!" -Ayumi's unit proposal to Ichika

"A vampire? Ehh How scary!" -Ayumi when she met Cera

"I think that stars shine even more brightly when their with other stars! If more stars combine their light, then we can form an even brighter star than we could when we were alone!" -Ayumi when joining Kiseki Stars


  • Ayumi is 122cm tall
  • Her zodiac sign is Aries
  • Her favorite foods are miso soup and sweets
  • Her hobbies are designing and eating sweets
  • She's easy to bribe with candy
  • Her specialties are designing and cheering up friends
  • Her catchphrase is "desu", inspired by Chiyo and Mielle's catchphrases.
  • She has her own brand named "Dreamy Ribbon"
  • Ayumi is shown to help out other brands frequently
  • Ayumi shares the first kanji in her surname with Hime Shirayuki from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
  • Ayumi is the daughter of Hime Shiratori from Aikatsu! Stars
  • Ayumi's birthday is March 23.
  • Ayumi shares her birthday with Eriol Hiiragizawa from Cardcaptor Sakura