''What fate shall you choose? The saint shall decide, will you be blessed or cursed?"

Blessing Saint Academy(祝福聖アカデミー) Is a private special arts Academy, It's one of the only known Academies to not only teach Idols, but also those who wants to become a lawyer, businesswoman/man, social worker, CEO, and much more. The Academy Is known to have over a hundred Academic degrees.

The Principal currently Is Alice, one of the only British principals known In Aikatsu! Next Melody alongside her vice-principal Eleanora who Is Chinese but she was raised In the UK.

Uniforms Edit

As a Special Arts Academy, they have more than one uniform for each Season, there are both for Males and Females.

Female Wear Edit

When Autumn and Winter approaches, they wear jackets with cuffs. The Jackets are usually creamy or grey, underneath they wear a long sleeved pastel blue shirt with collars and a pink tie with peach pink lines across them, and simple buttons stopping midway, being right above there creamy or grey skirt. They wear long black socks, or white with dark brown or black school shoes.

Although, for the skirts they can choose If they want to wear a skirt or pants; as Alice states that It should be chosen by the students and not forced.

When Summer and Spring approaches, they wear short puffy sleeved shirts tucked Into the skirts, the blue skirt now reaching there waist. They wear shorter ties now, the start of the tie Is a ribbon so It gets easily mistaken as a ribbon rather than a tie. As stated before they are allowed to choose If they want to wear a skirt or pants.

Male Wear Edit

As for Male wear, when Autumn and Winter approaches they wear a long sleeved white shirt with a tie, the tie can be any chosen color. Above the shirt Is a grey long jacket with cuffs, with grey pants; on the edge being dark blue lines that start from a single button with black shoes.

They also have the choice to wear skirts or pants, as the Academy accepts everyone for whom they are.

When Summer and Spring approaches, they wear short sleeved shirts with ties; along with black pants held up by belts, and school shoes.

School Grounds Edit

Outside (Exterior) Edit

From outside, the Academy looks like a royal castle surrounded by nature; the academy has large flags held up by poles located on the Academies roof, there Is a emblem which Is Identified as Blessing Saint Private Academies emblem, the Academy Is quite large easily getting mistaken as a Royal castle.

Main Building Edit

The main building Is located In the center, where the path ends, you can see the Academy from the gates.

Halls Edit

The halls are covered with statues, the statues either being former knights who past away, goddesses, gods, warriors or some other sort of person who left a mark behind with history. The halls also has flags on walls, with old paintings on the wall and a type of nature designs Imprinted onto the wall. The doors look ancient, as that Is the Academies theme.

Audition Halls Edit

The Audition Halls are located In the tower, there there Is nine floors, although, there Is a basement where you go down to find the large audition halls. The audition halls are also used as a ball room so It looks Identical to a ball room, there Is multiple rooms, each for different academic degrees but the dresser Is located In the room, with the entrance being In the center.

Cafeteria Edit

There are nine rooms each for the cafeterias, full of long creamy white tables, with golden chairs and a couch type material Imprinted onto It; making It so It's golden and red. There are maids and butlers to take your order, to give you your assigned food you asked for. Although, the menus depend on your grades at hand, If It Is low you get the low quality food, although If your grades are high you get the best quality for food. There Is also a large chandeliers above the tables.

Dance Studio Edit

The dance studio Is located In the Idol degree building, on the end of the hall. The Dance Studio Is filled with resources you use to train with.

Track Edit

There are multiple paths, there Is a path that leads Into a forest; that Is where you go to find the tracks. The tracks are large with patches of grass and flowers everywhere, Including some overgrown grass on the tracks. You can usually hear wild animals, or some sort of animal when running.

Dorms Edit

The Dorms are located across from the main building, there are dorms for both females and males separately. They have a medieval theme to them, each student gets a room each with no roommate; being a queen sized bed with paintings on the wall, although you can decorate the room with your own liking. There Is large clear windows showing the scenery at hand.

Forest Edit

The forest surrounds the Academy, although It stops near the gates where you can enter; the forest Is full of mystical places, and you are not allowed to travel alone If not on the paths.

Gates Edit

There are large gates around the forest and academy, you must have a student ID card to get In, It Is known they might get lost or stolen so there Is a camera and fingerprint access where they will reveal your Identity easily; making It harder to get In without a student ID or a special card. Outside the gates Is a field type area full of grass and animals, with a large path going to the gate alongside a large amount of hills.

Staff Edit

Known staff

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Middle School Division Edit

High School Division Edit

College Division Edit

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University Division Edit

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Chronology Edit

Founded Edit

The Academy was founded In 1930 In London, England where the principal Alice, also debuted as a Idol and Principal of the school. The Academy was hated due to allowing Idols to go to the school, although, It soon became the most popular when Alice allowed not only males but females too, both genders were allowed to go making It so people gradually accepted the Idea.