Blossoming Angel(花が咲く天使), Is a cute type brand that debuts before the Series, as Ichika's former primary brand before It gets replaced by Sweet Story although, It soon debuts again as Yuma Tenshi's new brand In Episode 30, It currently has no known muses nor users.

Background Edit

''Flowers that are born to bloom, a garden full of mystical angels. The coords bring out the passion In the user Itself, take the key to open up the gates of heaven!'' -Catchphrase

Blossoming Angel, Is a brand that Is based off blooming Angels, created for those who are calm but yet happy, like a Angel. Each Coord has flowers Imprinted onto them to give the nature touch, Yuma Tenshi wants everyone to believe Angels exist with the Coords. Saying that the coords are from Heavens gates.

Mascot Edit

The Mascot Is named Flowar Panda, It debuts soon after the Brand does, the Panda was nicknamed Flowa as short. Flowa gives the Idea that Flowa was sent from Heaven, the Animal actually guarding the gates Is a Panda, and not what others think It to be. The Panda would look quite wise compared to other Mascots, saying that the guardian of the gates Is quite wise as It's lived for over 10,0000 years.

Chronology Edit

Brand Debut Edit

When Yuma returns from China, he appears at a Interview where he claims he has something to surprise everyone with at the Show he'll be hosting. Instead of a concert, he debuted the brand, showing the first SPR of the brand along with It, choosing to stop designing for Sweet Story and start designing for Blossoming Angel.

Coords Edit

Blooming Angel