"There's happiness In every corner! You just need to paint It~!"
– Colorful Paradise quote

Colorful Paradise(カラフルなパラダイス, Karafuruna paradaisu) Is a Pop-type brand that debuts In Episode 10 - Season One In the franchise, however It debuted In 2018 March 1st as a brand that was yet to be used. The brand uses colors, paint and much more for the Image within the brand; the Idea that resolves around this brand Is of a Artists view of the world, to create a much more child-like and fascinating world to look at.

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"Put ya' goggles on and be ready to splash the world with happy colors!"
– Colote

Colorful Paradise (カラフルなパラダイス, Karafuruna paradaisu) Is a Pop-Type brand targeted to artistic Idols who enjoy colorful motifs, the brand being used by various pop-type Idols and even for child-like commercials, and one of the most famous brands used.

About Edit

Colorful Paradise Is famous In the pop Industry, known to not only be used by Idols but also by Movies and Commercials of such, the famous company has wild life, colors, fruits, and artistic motifs within the design to enhance the users Image, the brand Is perfect for a artist to make the dull world seem colorful once again by using earth themes to give a tropical look and random colors that are often colorful to give It the artistic feeling It needs.

If you are going to a amusement park, or If It's your birthday this Is the best brand to use!

Concept Edit

''Dress to paint the world with happiness!'', Is the brands concept; using child-like elements to bring you back to your Innocent childhood, and filling the world with colors from your coord- the motifs being wild life, colors, fruits, paint, and more artistic motifs that allow the user to have fun. These coords are a bundle of childish and fun designs which allow the wearer to have fun even on a stage!

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The brand opened up 59 years ago, first being a small shop located around where the towns used to be (Now being a overgrown forest), It became quite known for the elements designed within the clothing and was used for countless children, Including adults, when the top designer decided to make It a Idols brand, he first left behind a key within a box, which would find his muse. In his words they would paint the forest to find the key which holds his best premium rare, later on Michiru Kiriya finds the key and returns It to the top designer, becoming the new muse to Colorful Paradise.

Top Designer Edit

The top designers real name Is not known however he uses his stage name which Is Happy, some Idols call him ''Mr. Happy'', (Ex. Michiru Kiriya, Hiyori Kamiya), he had created Colorful Paradise to make people happy and give the world a artistic touch, In his words, sharing the happiness locked within childhood for everyone, despite his gung-ho personality he barely gives premium rares to Idols, as he only wants those who have the will to do a concert with a premium rare and not use It only for ranking but for goals, dreams, and the fans also, after seeing Michiru's hard work and coord that explained her reasoning he decided to give her a premium rare he had created, often visiting Michiru for Inspiration and asking her to enter certain events.

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