Dreamy Fantasy is a cute type Idol brand and is made and preferred brand by Lala Nijino. It was first introduced in Episode 1 of Aikatsu Next Melody. Dreamy Fantasy is known for Dreams and Stars. The muse of the brand Is Lala Nijino and other users that uses this brand are Akemi Atsuko and Haruka Izumio.

Background Edit

"Just by looking at the stars, you can make your dream into a reality no matter if it's big or small all you have to do is shine your brightest like the beautiful night sky and your coord will come to life along with you. So shall we dream together?" -Catchphrase

Dreamy Fantasy is based off of Dreams and Stars, the brand is created for those who love to imagine themselves in their dreams knowing the strong feeling that they have between their dreams and themselves. Any and Every coord defines who the person is. Lala has somewhat said before that dreams and reality are both different, but they can become the same if you are able to make them come true.

Mascot Edit

The mascot for Dreamy Fantasy is a dog, but somewhat a fairy at the same time. Her name is Pekorin she was found by Lala when one day she was going into the forest by herself to search for someone when she looked up at the sky she saw something coming her way she wondered what it was as it hit her right in the face. Lala who fell backwards curiously looking at the mascot who seems like it didn't belong to anyway, so Lala decided to name her the first thing that pops into her head. Pekorin fur is bright pink and white with big round blue eyes that look like the sea.

The Designer Edit