My Shine(私の輝き, Watashi no kagayaki) Is the first episode/chapter of Season One and Novel One of Aikatsu! Next Melody, the original Idea of the episode was created In 2016.

Plot Edit

Ichika who recently returned from training a year with her friends Ayumi Shiratori and Lala Nijino run late to the Auditions. There they pass Cera Komori who looks at them running, wondering what happened and Karin Kurisu eating Candy, they also pass Blossoming Academy and It's seen Hazuki and Minami Forte are having tea time.

There, they get to the auditions almost late for there turn. Ichika spots Miyuki who smiles at her. Ichika debuts after Lala Nijino and Ayumi Shiratori.

Summary Edit

Ichika Hoshimiya who trained after for a year In America, where she was Invited to by her Cousin near the ending of the Aikatsu! Next Melody Special Movie, recently just has returned to Japan; Looking tired with Lala Nijino and Ayumi Shiratori who has bandages everywhere, they all get off the flight as Lala Nijino says that It's probably been 200 Years since they last returned to Japan, and that they are actually probably ghosts now wanting to become a Idol. Ayumi Shiratori and Ichika Hoshimiya believe the joke, and Lala begins to believe It too when she saw how they believed It.

Then Lala snaps out of It, realizing It was a joke she pulled off and telling them. Ichika replies saying that even If they were ghosts, they'd do a ghostly Aikatsu! and be the first ghosts to become Idol, Ayumi agreeing with Ichika as they all realize they are running late, they run towards the entrance to get out; And see the car hasn't came yet so they needed to run to the auditions.

They all accidentally left there luggage behind as they pass a Cera who was designing a coord, Karin who was eating candy, Hazuki and Minami who was having tea. Near when they got there, there was a flood of traffic that wouldn't let them pass. Ayumi, who got the Idea to try to take a short way there, but Lala replying that this was the short way; Ichika then pointing out that there Is a short place between the cars where they can get through barely, Lala getting surprised as Ayumi grabbed both of there hands and ran for It.

They nearly slammed Into cars, but made It, they all were shaking due to how close that was. But then looking up to Starlight Academy, where they walked In with a pass for the auditions. They went Into the halls, Lala pointed out that It hasn't changed from last year when they failed; Making Ichika nervous but Instead grabbing both of there hands and saying It's going to be different as they will pass. Ayumi replying with a smile; As Lala's applicant number came up.

Lala ran Into the dresser and took up the coords she picked last time; Inserting them Into the dresser and leaping through the dresser. She then enters the stage; Doing the debut song, Aikatsu! Time. Pulling off a basic appeal, with a basic aura; Then Ayumi went Into the dresser and Inserted the coords she picked, also doing the debut song Aikatsu! Time with a decent aura and a basic appeal.

Ichika, then Into the dresser, coords catching her eye she picked them up and Inserted them. Going on stage and also doing Aikatsu! Time, although her aura was fairly weak she still pulled off as Basic Appeal.

After all the auditions, It showed them nervous holding hands with there lucky bracelets on. The Applicant numbers who passed appeared on screen, 311, 200, and 000, and a few others. Ichika, Ayumi and Lala realizing they have passed, they jumped with glee and from there they started their Aikatsu!

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Trivia Edit

Background Trivia Edit

  • It showed nine major characters In the background
  • In the audience It showed Lillia Shirogane with Michiru Kiriya
  • Where Cera was sitting drawing designs, was a coffee shop
    • The coffee shop's name has yet to be revealed
  • Cera was also running late for the auditions but she wasn't In a hurry
  • Karin was also running late but she got occupied In eating candy

Major Events Edit

  • Ichika becomes a Idol
  • Lala becomes a Idol
  • Ayumi becomes a Idol
  • Miyuki mutters something about Aura
  • Ichika, Lala, Ayumi return from America