"Are you seeking to take flight In the sky once again? Take my hand, and you will be given the power to fly like a Dove once again."
– Fallen Dove quote

Fallen Dove(落ちた鳩, Ochita Hato), Is a cool type brand that debuts In Season 2 - Episode 05 In the franchise, although It debuted 2018 May 9th as a brand yet to be used, the brand resolves around the Idea of a fallen dove seeking to take flight In the sky once again, the Idea was Inspired by the Greek mythology of doves which they represent romance; which created the Image of the brand; a dove that has fallen, wanting to take flight once again to reunite with It's lost love.

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"Your wings are redeemed as broken, you are a mere fragment lost In time; will you try to fly with those wings? If so, then you have come to the right place."
– Fallen Dove Quote

Fallen Dove(落ちた鳩, Ochita Hato) Is a cool-type brand that uses the Image of a Fallen Dove, which originates from the Idea of Dove representing romance, the brand uses the elements such as feathers, laces, broken clocks or wings, and much more to push the Image forward; all Coords have some sort of dove element Imprinted onto them, the brand Is for those who are seeking to take flight In the sky even If there wings are redeemed as broken. In the designers words, the brand brings out the passion In the wearers, the passion deep In your soul you cannot unlock; to create a lost maiden.

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In the fairy tale arc, the brand decides on Maleficent as It's representing coord, the coord gets given to Lilla Shirogane.

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The brand has no constellation.

Flower Arc Edit

The brand chooses Black Roses as It's representative flower.

Galaxy Arc Edit

The brand uses M60-UCD1 as It's galaxy.

Music Arc Edit

Despite being active, the brand chooses not to participate In the Music Arc.

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The brand uses Greece as It's respective country.

Gemstone Arc Edit

The brand collabs with Colorful Paradise to make two matching coords with the use of the Sapphire gemstone.

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