"Everyone's melodies are different It expresses who you are and what you are through music, but when it comes together to create one big harmony that's what I love the most"

Fauna(動物相) is a side character In Season 1-2 of Aikatsu! Next Melody series, but becomes a major in Season 3-6. Her type is unknown and she's the designer of Dreamy Fantasy. Fauna's age is currently 15.

Bio Edit

Fauna is a girl who is very mysterious and unknown it has been said she used to be one of the Top Idols, but disappeared afterwords. She's the designer for Dreamy Fantasy, but keeps her identity a secret only Lala Nijino knows about her. She was a young girl who used to always explore the outdoors she loved every sound that was created and would follow them out of curiosity. Fauna always had a thing for music what she loved the most about it was the melody and harmony that it creates. Music expresses how you feel any type of way. She was always home schooled, but she wishes that one day she would get to go to school and tell many kids her age about music.

Fauna came from a family that was poor, so she never really asked for much and it's not like she wanted anything either. She always would help her Mother when she was told to they worked in a small shop they usually would get a few customers. One day when Fauna was walking into town she saw a poster that said an Idol live performance was today she didn't know a thing about an Idol or what it was, so she decided to go visit the concert. When she got to the Idol concert she was amazed how many people were here as the performance begin to start Fauna was really surprised she heard a melody that she never really heard before it was like a new era begin for her like it inspired her to become an Idol to create her own melody for everyone to here.

So she worked hard every single day and practiced until the entry exam were open she decided to join Himezakura Private Girls Academy. After she passed the entry exam very well Fauna was happy and looked around the campus sometimes she would leave the campus to go into town searching around for anything. One day she bumped into two girls and apologized she was in a rush that she didn't even get to ask for their names.

One day Fauna went into the forest she heard a unusual melody she really liked the sound of it, but when she followed the sound it came from a harp she saw the birds playing with it by pecking on the string she decided to go over to where the harp was to make sure the birds wouldn't try to break the string or anything. Fauna tried to look for whoever this belong too and it took her all day sadly she never got to found the owner of this harp, so she just kept it for herself and decided to play it every time.

Appearance Edit

Fauna is shown to have white long hair that reaches her knees they are put up into two high pigtails that are curly and drilled at the end. She's shown to always be wearing a light green emerald dress with white boots that have little small ribbons at the end.

Appearances Edit

When Fauna was young she had medium length hair some of her hair was out while for the rest it was put into a side ponytail being held by a blue rubber band. She would be shown wearing her academy uniform with a smile on her face

Before Fauna was an Idol she would always have her hair in two braids with a white dress on along with sandals.

Fauna's tracksuit would be long pants with a long sleeved jacket which is white and green mix together before she goes out to train her hair is always put into two low pigtails.

For Fauna's overnight wear she would wear a tank top that's blue along with white comfortable pants, but her main overnight wear is a dress with shorts under.

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Personality Edit

Fauna is kind hearted and tender with an honest personality. Always dreaming of fulfilling dreams with people alongside her, her dream couldn't be fulfilled just yet due to Fauna being isolated in a tower years ago, Known as non reliable, Fauna can be an airhead at many times but is passionate when working with Lala Nijino, especially on Dreamy Fantasy.

Background Edit

Fauna came from a poor family she was never picky with anything and was always grateful for the things people would give to her. She wasn't poor like to the point she had no home or barley any food she just lived in a small cozy home with food that her family would grow or buy sometimes. Fauna always loved exploring especially outside in the deep forest; People in her town always spread rumors about the forest being haunted, but it never stopped Fauna she believed that nothing should be judged even if it looks scary at first. Her love for music always entertained her after listening to the singing birds or the loud banging the kids would make across the bakery shop it was paradise to her ears she never really understood why people think they can't make music if they can it just would be different and that's what makes it unique. One day Fauna went to an Idol concert she loved it so much. It was music to her ears she wondered no she believed that if she becomes an Idol she'll be able to make beautiful sounds for many people to hear and that's what she did so Fauna decided to attend Himezakura Private Girls Academy. During her auditions she was nervous it was a new feeling towards her, but at the same time she was very excited when it was her turn to perform she pulled off an appeal and got accepted into the academy it made her happy She trained so much and even on her free time she would write songs,practice and etc.

During Fauna run outside she bumped into a girl she fell back and looked up at the girl who was an inch taller than her. The girl was holding a flute introducing herself she said her name is Chilala after hearing her name Fauna remembered her appearance from somewhere when it came back to her she was shocked at her because the girl was from a huge poster by the center mall she was curious on why someone like Chilala would be here instead of doing interviews. Chilala and Fauna hung out with each other after meeting and did many things together such as going to the park,helping children's or exploring the town. Before Chilala was going to break her flute Fauna stopped her she ended up with a small scratch on her cheek, but she didn't care because she wanted to stop Chilala from breaking the instrument that made such beautiful sounds. Before Chilala was about to leave she thanked Fauna for such a wonderful day she really never thought of music the way Fauna did she always thought that she wasn't able to make music or didn't feel accomplish by the sound, so she practiced so much not looking at music the right way. Fauna looked at Chilala and hoped one day they'll meet again because she thought of her as a older sister.


Relationships Edit

Chilala-Tied to for 3rd Idol in the Idol ranking also thinks of Chilala as an older sibling who shares an interest in music.

Lala Nijino-Helps design Dreamy Fantasy also told Lala to keep her identity a secret

Etymology Edit

Fauna (動物相 Fauna) means in Latin a rural goddess sister of Faunus

Aura Edit

Fauna aura is consisted of music notes along with flowers surrounding the emerald sparkles.

Quotes Edit

"Everyone's melodies are different It expresses who you are and what you are through music, but when it comes together to create one big harmony that's what I love the most" -Fauna to her fans

"Stop! don't break the flute that you cherish forever it's something you love to play don't ever stop because others think your not good keep playing because there are others who love the sounds you create" -Fauna to Chilala

"Promise me to keep my identity a secret no matter what because it's not like I can escape even if I wanted to" -Fauna to Lala

Trivia Edit

  • Fauna plays the harp while she's on stage sometimes she is seen the only one along with Chilala to perform with an instrument
  • Fauna doesn't have any friends expect for Lala and Chilala
  • Fauna used to be human, but ends up getting trapped in a tower
  • Fauna has many secrets that she doesn't like to share, so others spread bad rumors
  • Fauna is third in the Idol ranking tied with Chilala