"Falilalalalala I want to make Ichi-sama proud of me, so I have to do my very best on stage. Hanami-senpai oh wait, I'm not a senpai yet. Hanami-chan wants to fly with the butterflies here to take the stage!" -Hanami before her performance

Hanami(花見) Is a Main Character In Aikatsu! Next Melody, she currently Is a pop-type Idol whose preferred brand Is Joyful Summer. She forms a unit with Ayumi Shiratori, called Snowy Palette.

Bio Edit

Hanami debuted In Season 1 - Episode 05 where she is seen trying to talk to the flowers about her troubles, she was different from the other students so she felt hurt, but Ichika and her friends tried cheering her up; they failed but Ichika got an Idea to bring her to a parfait shop and get her the Orange Bunny Parfait, unfortunately, they were all sold out so Ichika asked If they could make one.

Hanami realizing how hard It was even making a simple parfait, they have to climb a mountain and go through obstacles for the Ingredients, finally creating the perfect parfait for Hanami named the Hana parfait, Hanami then set her eyes on becoming like Ichika, saying '-Sama' at the end.

Appearance Edit

Hanami Is a short girl with round hazel brown eyes, tanned skin and cropped chocolate brown hair that reaches to her collarbones. She's often seen wearing an orange rabbit themed jacket with a hoodie, and a Starlight Skirt.

Appearances Edit

Formerly, when Hanami wasn't an Idol she had her hair In two curly pigtails and a plain white T-Shirt with simple overalls.

Hanami wears an orange and yellow tracksuit, putting her hair up In a high messy bun for training.

She wears a simple nightgown with her hair down for nightwear.

Hanami wears a dress with purple and pink shades with peculiar designs Imprinted onto the dress, she also puts her hair In two spherical buns for disguise.

The beach outfit she wears is a one piece.

Hanami has her hair up in a ponytail with crystal stars holding up her ponytail, she has a crystal choker with a blue summer-ish dress and sandals, she has a bracelet on and she's holding onto a chibi Lily teddy.

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Ovas Edit

It's raining outside in Starlight Academy so everyone is inside playing indoor games as for Hanami she wants to explore the outside even if it rains, so she grabs an umbrella and decides to follow a blue and black butterfly to see where it takes her

Personality Edit

Hanami is a bubbly person with a high spirit personality, she has a catchphrase of saying, "Butterflies" at the end of her sentences. Hanami is seen as an independent girl who's also really loud and supporting there are times when Hanami can be annoying to her friends.

Background Edit

Hanami would always have to stay in her room, due to not being able to leave it and she also has abusive parents. Her mother wouldn't care what the father do to her. She would be frightened not being able to do anything, one day Hanami saw a butterfly book named "Never Give Up Your Dreams Butterfly" when she took a look at the book she smiled and began to like the butterfly, she even told herself that the butterfly was her hero. When Hanami climbed down the ladder from her balcony window, she walked to the park to see if she can find any butterflies, she looked around with a smile on her face and saw a butterfly in the flower patch. She ran to the butterfly, trying to keep quiet. Hanami looked at the butterfly with a surprised expression on her face, when the butterfly flew off the flower, she ran after the butterflies. She followed the butterfly which led her to see something.

Relationships Edit

Hazuki- Hanami older cousin, when Hanami saw Hazuki walking with Minami she ran over to Hazuki giving her a big hug.

Ichika Hoshimiya- When Ichika saw Hanami talking to herself with the flowers. Ichika and her friends went up to Hanami trying to cheer her up but it suddenly didn't make Hanami feel happy until Ichika gives her the orange bunny parfait and Hanami looks at Ichika smiling calling her, "Ichi-sama"

Lala Nijino- Lala was looking for her pink ribbon, she saw Hanami in a tree until she noticed Hanami had her pink ribbon in her hand, decorating the bird's nest. When Hanami calls herself "rice queen" she does it to make Lala get on her bad side, she finds it funny.

Ayumi Shiratori- Ayumi is Hanami unit duo competition partner, they both form a unit name Snowy Palette. Ever since the duo unit competition brought these two together they are often seen hanging out together.

Hibiku- When Hibiku saw Hanami climbed a tree to catch a butterfly, he noticed the branch was about to fall until Ichika came over to make sure she was okay. He catches Hanami when she let go of the branch.

Yeri- When Hanami was looking for Ayumi to give her the Snowy Palette lyrics sheets, she bumped into Yeri and asked Yeri if she has seen Ayumi and, Yeri had told her she didn't see Ayumi but she will give Ayumi the lyrics sheets if she had seen her.

Cera Komori-Unknown

Karin Kurisu- Unknown

Etymology Edit

Hanami means (花見, "flower viewing") 

Aura Edit

Hanami aura is seen as mini suns mixed with bubbles around her when she does a little twirl during her performance, that's when her aura comes out.

Quotes Edit

"Falilalalalala I want to make Ichi-sama proud of me, so I have to do my very best on stage. Hanami-senpai oh wait, I'm not a senpai yet. Hanami-chan wants to fly with the butterflies here to take the stage!" -Hanami before her performance

"Hmm I wonder where your going to go this time Mr butterfly."-Hanami talking to herself

"I'm not shipped with anyone,but I am able to become the best of me!" -Hanami

Idol Information Edit

Hanami Vaquez Is a pop-type Idol who preferred brand is Joyful Summer. The designer of the brand is Fumi Kazuyo the theme is summer and happy motifs, sometimes having an edgy twist, She met Hanami by exploring and saw her in the lakes having fun, so she wanted her to be the muse of the brand.

Plot Edit

Hanami wants to become an idol, to make her parents actually like her. When she saw that the butterfly succeed her dream, she thinks she is capable of doing anything into making her dreams succeed too. Hanami wants to spread her wings like a butterfly, following her own footsteps. (WIP)

Trivia Edit

  • Hanami shares the same birthday with Lala Nijino
  • She has a senpai name Ichika Hoshimiya
  • Her unit partner is Ayumi Shiratori
  • She is the little cousin of Hazuki
  • Her favorite ice cream is Vanilla
  • Her sexuality is bisexual
  • Her favorite food is miso soup and pizza
  • She takes gymnastics
  • Hanami has a crush on butterflies
  • Her eye color is brown
  • In Episode 05 she was seen talking to flowers about her troubles
  • Her autographs are butterfly
  • Her name translates to flower viewing, a reference to Hanami looking at the flowers when she first appeared.
  • Her favorite anime is RWBY
  • Hanami forms a unit group with Karin Kurisu, Lala Nijino, Miyuki Kanzaki, Kiari Natsuki, Ichika Hoshimiya, and Cera Komori
  • She wrote a rap song with Taka Shiba