Hello! Desserts Is a cafe located In Central Town. The cafe being visited by various people due to It's heaven-like desserts and Hiro who takes Inspiration from the customers and makes a dessert based off them.

Menu Edit

Blue Berry Parfait Edit

A long cup with milkshake with blueberry flavors merged Into the milkshake, above the milkshake Is a sponge with fresh cream and blueberries underneath another sponge topped with blue sprinkles and fresh Ice cream above the sprinkles with blue berry syrup, blue berries and a blue chocolate finger beside a mini Ice cream sandwich.

Strawberry Parfait Edit

A long cup with milkshake that has strawberries In them and strawberry syrup, above the milkshake Is a sponge with fresh cream and strawberries topped by another sponge with strawberry jam underneath Ice cream with strawberry syrup, sprinkles, strawberries, and a pink chocolate finger beside a mini Ice cream sandwich.

Chocolate Parfait Edit

A long cup with milkshake that has chocolate pieces and chocolate syrup In them, above the milkshake Is a chocolate sponge with fresh cream and chocolate pieces that are topped by a other chocolate sponge with white jam underneath a Ice cream with chocolate syrup, sprinkles, chocolate bars, and a chocolate finger beside a mini Ice cream sandwich.

Angely Crepe Edit

A round crepe with fresh cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles underneath a other crepe with fresh cream, strawberry syrup, and chocolate nuts alongside a other crepe above the second layer, with fresh cream once again and a mini angel made out of fondant near donuts with yellow frosting to make It look like halos with rainbow sprinkles.

Rice Pudding Edit

A simple rice pudding with side dishes which are two rice balls, and three small bowls of flavors(Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) which you can mix with the rice pudding.

Monster Trifle Edit

A trifle that looks like It came from a monster with It's monster-like decorations, with strawberry, orange and kiwi jam merged together with strawberries, kiwis, and oranges In the Jam making a rainbow-like color, above the jam Is custard with food coloring to make It rainbow. The custard has chocolate monster paws circling the center, as fresh cream tops the custard with a monster made out of chocolate opening It's large mouth and rainbow-colored chocolate syrup coming out of It's mouth. The bowl Is handed In Is a large purple bowl like a monsters, It's a friends or family share of Trifle.

Walnut Pie Edit

Simple walnut pie that comes with coffee or tea.

Lovely Waffle Edit

Waffles alongside heart shaped waffles that are covered with syrup, the syrup flavor being to your choosing (Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, etc.) and strawberries making a heart that circles the waffles.

Strawberry Tart Edit

A simple strawberry tart with a drink to your choosing (Juice, milk, coffee, tea, soda, milkshake)

Chocolate Tart Edit

A simple chocolate tart with a drink to your choosing (Juice, milk, coffee, tea, soda, milkshake)

Idol Cake! Edit

Idol Cake! Is a cake decorated to look like the debut stage, underneath the stage made out of cream, fondant and frosting Is a rainbow sponge covered with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry frosting. It comes with your favorite Idol toy.

Cherry Gateau Edit

Cherry Gateau Is a simple gateau with a drink of your choosing.

Chocolate Gateau Edit

Chocolate Gateau Is a simple gateau with a drink of your choosing.

Mandarin Ambrosia Edit

A simple ambrosia covered with rainbow sprinkles, cherries and pineapple slices.

Hello! Teddy Edit

Hello! Teddy Is a teddy made out of rice with seaweed eyebrows, eyes and bow-tie. The teddy Is holding a chocolate flower that comes as a little snack alongside the rice teddy.

Rabbit Ice cream Edit

Rabbit Ice cream or Rabbitu Ice cream Is a special decorated Ice cream, with chocolate and sprinkles covering the cone, four scoops of Ice cream over chocolate and (Vanilla, chocolate, toffee, strawberry, mint etc.) syrup that makes two eyes and a rabbit mouth alongside two mini cones that are carved to look like rabbit ears decorated with mint and toffee syrup, sprinkles and chocolate Ice cream surround the ears.



Cafe Grounds Edit

Outside (Exterior) Edit

From outside, the cafe Is seen as a dessert with It's dessert-like decorations, the roof and doors looking like chocolate, the walls looking like gingerbread, and the windows being cotton candy, alongside two large candy canes beside the door.

Inside Edit

The cafe looks like a fairy tale Inside, with It's fairy tale themed decorations, the tables looking like desserts and chairs looking like donuts, the floor being rainbow; and the waiters being dressed In fairy tale characters with a dessert theme, almost everything Is dessert-related In the cafe.

Garden Edit

Beside the cafe Is the cafe's garden, the cafe's garden being a strawberry, blue berry and apple garden full of animals.

Brand Edit

Hello! Desserts also has a brand, so there's a additional logo beside Hello! Desserts which Is KiraKira Sundae.

Workers Edit

The list of known workers.

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