"Coordsniffers talking about Premium Rares? Is there anything less adorable?" Honoka says mockingly.
-Honoka Ruka

Basic details Edit

Honoka Ruka is an apprentice designer in Aikatsu! Next melody! And a general side character. She's only 13 years old and incredibly immature and often hating on idols who only come for her coords expecting her to just hand them over, therefore she dubs all idols 'Coord sniffers'. Honoka is the daughter of Haruka Ruka and is the assistant designer of Celestial Sands, a brand themed on the theme of having an ocean in the stars. Throughout the several seasons, Honoka is taking the lead on the brand as her mentor is very sick and passes away in season 3, giving Honoka a major personality change.

Appearance Edit

In seasons 1, 2 and 3 Honoka has long, flowing light blue straight hair with a star accessory on the left side of her hair with black ribbons flowing out of it. Her eyes are a deep purple and despite their initial energetic look often change into being quite smug. Being so young Honoka is very small compared to the rest of the characters and often wears heels to look taller, it doesn't work. Honoka is seen wearing many expensive blues and sometimes yellow dresses with heels to match. Often bracelets filled with jewels are on her wrists along with rings and a lot of her outfits usually include colorful hibiscus. But whatever she is wearing she is always wearing a battered necklace with an almost completely broken shell.

In season 4 after she accepts the death of her mentor, her hair is often seen in a long side braid with her shell necklace and star accessory tying this up. This is Honoka's small way of maturing.

Personality Edit

In Season 1 and 2, Honoka is introduced as a bratty extroverted girl who hated most idols because they tried to 'steal' all her coords with fake smiles and lies. She acted like all idols were below her and she was at the top and completely controlled their lives basically, Honoka had a major god complex. Also she was very energetic like her mother, but in worse ways. She'd use her energy to insult idols in unique ways and she'd always pop up at the worst possible times. And although she'd act so obnoxious to idols to adults and sometimes to other designers she'd act unbelievably sweet and almost 'cute'. Although, if an idol was to talk back to Honoka she'd freeze up and become unbelievably apologetic and scared. But overall Honoka was a selfish, heartless, little girl.

In season 3 after the death of her mentor Honoka slowly warms up a little more and although she somewhat keeps her annoying ways around idols she matures and tries not to hate them so much. This is when Honoka's self-hate starts to shine through, she blames her mentor's death on herself and calls herself ''worthless' and 'useless'. She is seen to be more emotional and sad and doesn't have the confidence to continue the brand on her own. But after a bit of support and her first few months of running the brand by herself, Honoka becomes a friendly, stubborn, energetic and slightly narcissistic designer and owner of Celestial Sands. And in a cameo appearance in season 6, one of the youngest people to go to space. And the first designer to make a coord in space.

Background Edit

Honoka had a fairly normal childhood, well as normal as it can get living with Haruka Ruka as your mother and being constantly pressured to change your name to 'Honoka Noka. Although at a young age a designer started to become interested in Honoka due to her quiet side hobby of doing her mother's hair in extremely interesting ways and designing hair accessories. Honoka would soon know this person as her mentor, she started to live with him under his education in designing. By the age of eight Honoka was designing all the hair accessories for Celestial Sands and to her mentor, she was his world- his legacy. He spoiled Honoka rotten with gifts and accessories and dresses, always trying to teach her how to create a full coord. The mentor never yelled at Honoka aside from one time that shaped Honoka's view on idols forever. The mentor wasn't at the brand's headquarters at the time and Honoka was there by herself, an idol walked in and asked Honoka for a coord- without even questioning or testing the girl Honoka gave her nearly every coord they had- manipulated by the idol's words. This idol then went on to sell these coords that were extremely hard to make to any random Joe on the internet who wanted them. This outraged the mentor and he yelled and lectured Honoka for months, pushing her to her limits and reducing all the luxury in her life. This caused Honoka to hate idols and presume that all of them were filthy coord thieves... or Coord Sniffers as she called them. Everything was mostly fine for a few years but then her mentor fell very sick and the brand mostly rested in Honoka's childish and selfish arms.

Relationships Edit

Her Mentor: Closer than she is with her own parents, he's like a brother, grandpa, father and cool uncle all in one to Honoka. Their relationship is strangely close, the best way to anger Honoka is to comment on the odd nature of it.

Aki: Honoka really likes Aki's singing voice and she really loves her brand! But Aki likes spiders, ugly, hairy, wriggly spiders. That's why Honoka isn't friends with this Coord Sniffer, the air she breathes is probably spider infected. That's why Honoka hates her.

Ichika: Tries her hardest to insult, refers to her as the 'Ultimate pathetic Coord sniffer of coord sniffing history'. Secretly watches all her concerts.

Mielle: Mielle smells funny to Honoka and her weird angel obsession keeps Honoka away from her. Although is still a coord sniffer.

Cera: Incredibly scared of her because she knows how to talk back to her. Tries to stay away from her.

Airi: Easy target for Honoka, often teases her and only insults her in rhyme. Another coord sniffer.

Karin: Another person Honoka insults, another coord sniffer. Constantly insults candy when she's around her or she steals her candy.

Lillia: Respects and is an idol she doesn't usually refer to as a coord sniffer- but only so she won't suspect the things she says to her sister.

Tani: Bullies and insults Tani consistently, telling her to become less of a 'past-idol sniffer' and to stop 'coord sniffing' Cera. Burnt Tani's original designs for her own brand and constantly tells Raimu where she is.

Raimu: Friends for 'business reasons'. But still a major coord sniffer.

Ayumi: Ichika's coord sniffing friend who she constantly reminds that she is in Honoka's words 'Dumb', 'Stupid' and 'Uneducated'. Honoka is secretly obsessed with her brand.

Lala: Another Coord sniffing friend. Constantly insults her mother along with her. Secretly wants to get to know better.

Harumi: In Honoka's words 'A butterfly Coord sniffer hybrid.'

Principal Mizuki: Acts really nice around just so she can sneak into Starlight and insult the idols. Secretly loves all her old songs.

Quotes Edit

"We'd cry while watching comedies and laugh when listening to parodies... That... That's all gone now. Like the tide, you don't appreciate it enough when it is near you...and when it's gone you miss it for everything."

"Why do you care...Coordsniffer, you dumb...ugh... I'm...I'm so sorry for all those years of... well, coord-sniffing. But I guess...idols are...ok. Tolerable. 7.8/10, too much coord sniffing." She confesses after her mentor dies.

"Out of my way Coord sniffers, sniff yourself a damn coord!" She proclaims.

"I'm the oceans gray waves... destined to seek something that was so close but is now so far away."

"We drove for 3 hours looking for some dumb water plants to decorate the headquarters with, in the end, we ended up going home empty-handed. But my mentor told me it was ok because I was the light of the headquarters anyway. That's why I deserve a heaping portion because I'm adorable."

"EXPLAIN WHY YOU'RE NOT A COORDSNIFFER?! C-Coord...sniffer..." Honoka stutters when someone speaks back to her.

"Coord sniffers do not know the true power of Prosciutto. Mogegegegege..."

"As I've learned today...Nightmares aren't always in your head..."

"Look, I'll never understand y'all coord-sniffers. We are essentially creatures who can fundamentally understand one another, But...Give me a chance. I'm sorry. But Y'all are still coord-sniffers."

Etymology Edit

Ruka (ルカ) can be westernized as Luca, a unisex given name derived from the Latin name Lucas, meaning "one from Lucania".

From Japanese 和 (hono) meaning "harmony" (using an obscure nanori reading) and 花 (ka) meaning "flower", as well as other combinations of kanji which have the same pronunciation. Very often it is written using the hiragana writing system.