Idol(s) are a form of entertainers, often comprised of youthful girls/boys who perform events (Concerts, fashion shows, dramas, etc.), most of these Idols have a Academy, however, there are some solo-Idols.

System Edit

Idols usually use the Aikatsu! System, which allows them to do concerts with auras and appeals, they use the system to do auditions, events and much more. They also will do dramas, fashion shows, and dance shows, and have a KiraKiratter account to reply and post feed to their Fans.

They also must maintain there Image and Idol persona If they do have a Character; as a Idols priority Is to maintain their Image and keep up a figure for those who are younger.

Background Edit

Idols are often younger than others, around 7-19. They are often from a Academy, or a Solo Idol working alone with a Company or themselves. They do jobs such as; Concerts, Events, Auditions, and Fashion Shows, Dance Shows, Photo Shooting. It depends on the Idol themselves, they all must have a fresh Image; and to be passionate and use there youth wisely.

They all must have a Autograph, the Autograph must be creative, It can be simple or not, It depends on the Idol. But they must learn how to write It underneath 100 seconds whilst talking to the Fan, they cannot only focus on writing the Autograph or else It will make the Fan uncomfortable and there main priority Is to make the Fans happy, and maintain a good figure to follow.

Images for Idols are Important, meaning they must be careful so they will not fall Into any scandals, they also cannot fall out of there persona If they have a character. They cannot be themselves If they have a character; Only when they are alone can they be out of Character, as It's a Idols duty no matter how old you are.

Although romance Is allowed for Idols, Idols must remember they cannot focus on the one they love the most, as there heart belongs to all there fans they must devote themselves towards the Fans. So Love can be called forbidden, as It's highly stated you shouldn't date If you are a Idol but It Is still allowed.