Illuminis Projects Is a group comprised of over seventeen members, the group creates separate projects, joint projects and much more. The group was formed In 2012 of September, Illuminis first had only five members but grew over time and became more known.

Developing Edit

The group develops Aikatsu! Next Melody alongside the Next Melody team, this group has done more than one project, although there first being Next Melody they had others such as; Illuminis Wars, The Truth Behind A Idols Smile, Broken Instruments, Manaka's View and much more to support daily problems or/and problems some only go through, all the projects aiming to be relatable and realistic, although the group usually exaggerates the point or/and circumstance to get the point across.

The group only consisted of five members or less In the early years but as of 2016 the group got more than enough members to get across to the mainstream.

Unfortunately some members left but more has joined and since then they have developed the projects.