''A mere Image on a newspaper doesn't define me. People can choose what they want to be, I don't care less; But, If they try to mess with me, they have made the worst enemy.''

Itsuki Takami(樹高み), Is a major main character In Aikatsu! Next Melody. He Is a student at Goddess Ark, but as of Season 3 he transfers to the well known school Blessing Saint Private Academy. Itsuki Is currently the shortest male of Aikatsu! Next Melody, being 5'0.

Bio Edit

Itsuki Is a young male student who attends Goddess Ark but later on transfers to Blessing Saint Private Academy. He later on forms a unit with his best friend and younger sister/brother named ILLUSION, which Is based off his Father, as his father never loved him but faked to do so In front of guests, the sole purpose was to destroy his Father; despite that he tries to love and accept, but he never knew what love feels like so he comes off as rude. Later, it is revealed that his Father does love Itsuki but due to an unfortunate event, caused his Father to completely change.

Appearance Edit

Itsuki Is a fair skinned short boy with dark blue hair and sharp separated bangs, his sharp eyes are a tint of crystal blue that gradually fades Into Turquoise, due to being such a Gucci fan he Is seen wearing Gucci but It's usually oversized, he can easily get Gucci to make clothes for him but chooses not to as he denies being short. Otherwise, he's seen In his uniform or undercover outfit which Is a long creamy brown coat with collars, cuffs and brown buttons that stop midway, and a cotton turtleneck shirt underneath the coat, and simple skinny jeans tucked Into his medium length black boots, with simple round glasses.

Itsuki Is also seen to be the first male In Aikatsu! Next Melody to wear earrings.

Appearances Edit

Itsuki Is seen to usually wear Gucci as his casual wear; and tends to buy most of his clothing from Gucci. He also sometimes wears round glasses.

In his tracksuit, Itsuki Is seen wearing a oversized shirt with blue sleeves, and dark blue pants.

It Is seen In various posters of the unit ILLUSION, he wears a bandana pulling his hair back, with a sleeveless white shirt underneath a sleeveless coat with skinny jeans, and boots. He wears a choker, with matching gloves that doesn't reach his fingers and a piece of black cloth tied to his upper arm.

His preferred brand Is Corrupt System.

Sometimes, he's seen In a modern suit when at his Family's company.

In Summer, he often wears a headband that pulls his hair back as It gets quite warm.

Evolution Edit

Itsuki Is one of the only characters to not have much a change during the Revolutions, In Arc 1-3 he has separated bangs that reaches his eyes; his hair being quite long but reaching his neck.

As for Arc 4-5, he Is now 5'2; along with shorter bangs than before but still quite long.

In the two year time skip, he has grown drastically, being a Inch shorter than Airi Futaba.

OVAs Edit

In the first OVA, he Is seen In a modern suit, now being 6'1 he Is one of the tallest.

In the second OVA, when It shows him as a child he has a oversized white shirt on with buttons and collars, with brown shorts along with blue trainers/sneakers and ankle length socks, he Is tearing up as he holds a teddy with a eye patch on, that he Is seen later on giving It to his younger brother Mayo.

Personality Edit

Itsuki Is seen to be cold, stubborn and rude. Although, he Is seen to actually be kind, trustworthy, reliable. Itsuki has a short temper when It's focusing on his height, he's very Insecure about his height as he's shorter than his own younger siblings; He Is seen drinking milk often to Increase his height but failing. He usually debates with Airi about his height when Airi teases him, and people often say he only allows Airi to make fun of his height.

Itsuki has simple traits of a tsundere being cold, stubborn, rude which Is a side affect of being mistreated from his Father, although he can be actually kind, trustworthy and reliable. He would rather not show his emotions and stay strong, so he comes off as mysterious or selfish due to being rich, he has a short temper when It's focusing on his height, due to being shorter than his younger siblings and cousins, so he becomes quite Insecure, this resolves In him often drinking milk.

Itsuki grew up a hard life, due to his fathers emotional and psychical abuse and him having to study without breaks at a young age, due to that he has learned to only depend on himself and get things done himself making people believe he Is snotty because he's rich, only his close friends actually know of his sweet side, he's sometimes ruthless and due to his stubborn-like persona people avoid him and he doesn't have that much fans despite being so kind at times he doesn't know how It feels to be loved by people around him, or he's blinded by love his friends give due to the side affects of living a life with no love, due to his stubborn-like persona he would run late for events because he would easily start a argument with the driver who always Insults him, and because of that people around him would start hating him and his unit making him hurt.

Despite being so blinded to love, he sees the small things In life, and If a fight ever came to be he would want to see the clear story first before judging as he knows how It feels to be judged when you aren't guilty of causing anything. He barely ever shows his weak face and would rather cry alone, or trembling In front of others as when that happens he believes you fail and they will look down at you like dust, although once Airi stumbled upon him crying.

He has a adult view of the world making him mature, despite that he becomes childish with sweets, and usually use child tactics when he goes to a game story, due to growing up In a rich family he's not fully aware of the world such as; fast foods, one dollar stores. Therefore, he usually gets shocked about fast foods and eats the food with a knife and fork, including a long speech about it's texture In formal language, and that It's the best food he's ever tasted.

He easily gets shy when people stroke his head and/or compliment him, he becomes weak and blushes Intensely making people call him cute which will make him even more embarrassed.

Background Edit

It Is known he grew up In a family that forced his future on him with taking over the company; His family usually forced him to study, and learn traditional arts until he fainted. They forced everything on him, making him miss out on the Innocence and happiness of a child. Although, when he got the chance he would sneak to the park to play with normal children. But most children would look at him as spoiled and he had to play with himself, although one day meeting a girl who played with him, later on getting Identified as Airi.

Itsuki's father, was very abusive due to the fact his Mother past away at a very young age. Itsuki's Mother was an important aspect of his life and many others, causing a huge impact when she suddenly passed away. Due to this, his father would beat Itsuki up when seeing him, as Itsuki was the one who resembled his Mother the most, It made him very angry. Itsuki grew a hate for his father, as his father would have children with other women as well as affairs; making It so most of Itsuki's family are half-siblings.

At a very young age, Itsuki realized he was by himself due to his disgusting family, the only ones he had was Mayo, Nami, and Yuuko who had to leave due to his Father, leaving him stranded until they came back; He was disgusted In himself for having the same blood as his father, and wanted to get better to a day where he can leave his father and show him he can be Independent, seeing that what made his Father mad was Idols, that was the day he decided to become a Idol before making his own company to get better than his.

Itsuki takes a large Interest In space, and aliens so he usually would talk about his thoughts and theories.

Relationships Edit

Airi Futaba - Both of them are quite close, It Is hinted that Itsuki has romantic feelings for Airi as he was the only one who let her see him cry, and he said later he only would let his crush see him cry.

Mayo Takami - His younger brother, he usually laughs on the Inside when people call Mayo his 'Brothersister' as Mayo never reveals his gender to anyone but his family.

Nami Takami - His cousin, both are very close.

Yuuko Takami - His cousin, both are very close.

Etymology Edit

Takami(高み), which literally translates to elevated place, or height which Is used as a joke as Itsuki Is very short.

Itsuki(樹), translates to Spring Tree.

Aura Edit

Itsuki's aura Is comprised of green leaves swirling down from above, white lillies, sparkling snowflakes and UFOs trailing them.

Quotes Edit

''Our Universe Is so large, most of It Is unknown to human kind, so there's a 99% of Aliens''

''A mere Image on a newspaper doesn't define me. People can choose what they want to be, I don't care less; But, If they try to mess with me, they have made the worst enemy.''

''Help me clean up!''

Idol Information Edit

Itsuki's school number Is 000, his preferred brand Is Corrupt System.

Trivia Edit

  • His name translates to Spring Tree
  • A reference towards the fact Airi loves nature, and his name Is Spring Tree which Is connected to nature
  • His name was originally going to be Mitsuki
  • His long speeches about fast food can beat Cera Komori's speeches about books- a rare skill to possess