Lilac Carnival Coord (ライラックカーニバルの剣) is Ichika's school dress for the first season. It debuted in the first album photo of Aikatsu! Next Melody, and made its official debut in Episode 01 - My Shine.

Description Edit

Lilac Carnival Top Edit

A white blouse with lilac collars and golden outlines with a single ribbon going upwards, beneath the collars going into the center of her torso is lilac embroidery and small golden buttons that reach one of her golden pockets, with frills beneath the golden outline.

Lilac Carnival Skirt Edit

A skirt layered with cotton lilac puffs underneath strands of cloth that ends with pink hearts located near white frills.

Lilac Carnival Boots Edit

Lilac boots with a dark purple wedged sole, a star chain attached and a long white cotton patch with black crosses knitted, a small patch of pink above the purple heels.

Dress Items Edit

Tops Bottoms Shoes Special
Carnival Lilac Top Carnival Lilac Skirt Carnival Lilac Boots Lilac Crown

Users Edit

Ichika uses the Lilac Carnival Coord in the first season as her school dress.

Chronology Edit

The school dress made its cameo debut in the official album photo, however, its official debut was in Episode 01 - My Shine, where she picks the coord upon the golden table. The coord was Illustrated by artist, Eri who also made the concept of these coords.

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