"A Fallen Dove must take flight from its nest, Lilla Shirogane, here to spread her wings!''
– Lilla before her performance

Lilla Shirogane is a general character in Next Melody, whose preferred brand is the well renowned cool-type brand Fallen Dove.

Bio Edit

When Lilla debuted, she was seen as a mysterious young child who had a surprisingly large appetite and sweet tooth; as the youngest child of the Shirogane family, Lilla did her best to promote her Mother and elder Sister Tani Shirogane, Lilla didn't think much of her future until later episodes.

As of Season Two, she makes her debut as a Idol in Starlight Academy, debuting with a coord similar to her Sisters under the brand Fallen Dove. She debuted with the song, Spiritual Realm.

Aura Edit

Lilla's aura is comprised of a flock of feathers, tarot cards. Sometimes, when she has a concert full of passion broken crystal shards are seen.

Appearance Edit

Lilla is a young girl with lazy teal eyes, silver hair that gradually becomes a shade of blue and a large amount of hair pulled back into two loose buns with some hair flicked outwards into two swirly large strands.

Formerly, she had cropped hair tied back Into a single braid held by a purple ribbon as a eleven year old.

Personality Edit

Lilla is a unsocial or socially awkward girl who believes in Supernatural occerences of such, much like Universes intertwined to one each other creating what she calls a supernatural happening. She has a hobby for Tarot carts, crystal balls and others. Despite this love for supernatural, she has a fear of ghosts and what not. Creating a slight barrier to her when she wants to learn or adventure more throughout her hobbies, as her beliefs is also her fear.

Being socially awkward, she doesn't often talk in groups of people, but can become quite angry and aggressive when hurt which is unlikely to see from her. Unlike her Mother, she dislikes cold weather and prefers warm. Lilla, is often curious on what Idols mean by dreams, or designing. As she hasn't found a dream, nor is good within designing so she can ask a bundle of questions.

Lilla is often Intelligent, but lacks in Idol work; not being as good as others, but having a key for passion. She dislikes when compared to her sibling and Mother, and rather would be seen for her unique elements. She can see Tani is mostly affected, as she's often compared to her younger sister (Lilla), which is the reasoning she's so sensitive when people bring up Family matters.

Background Edit

As a child, much like now Lilla didn't have a dream. And ended up reading books, or practicing hobbies in her garden. She didn't take a liking into 'Friends' or generally meeting people, until she saw a young Mayumi who was battling her bullies, not with her psychical body, but with her outgoing personality she was illustrating whilst this was happening. It caught her eye, Lilla saw many other people getting bullied before and never bullied with it, however, this time Lilla couldn't control her small body and took a leap to help, despite being socially awkward to somewhat making her gloomy at times. When she helped Mayumi, Mayumi Instantly became her friend. Which helped Lilla open up more.

Mayumi became curious onto why Lilla didn't go out of her garden but helped whilst this Incident occurred, so Mayumi sparked up the dying question she wanted to ask, why Lilla didn't leave her house. Lilla, who was hesitant finally told her new friend. The reasoning behind all of this, was due to having a trauma of cars; she had a car crash when she was younger. Fortunately she wasn't badly Injured, but the sight to see something that young had affected her greatly. Mayumi, who was shocked, didn't pity Lilla but helped her open up more.

Mayumi made Lilla accept the offer, to go out to town and try to open up. She was still quite afraid of the cars, but was better than before. When they saw a Idol performing on TV, Mayumi had the Idea if Lilla also became a Idol with her, it would help her find a dream and open up. Lilla soon accepted the offer.

Relationships Edit

Tani Shirogane - Her elder sister, Lilla looks up to Tani as a role-model. And generally wants to be a bundle of happiness to her. She often wants Tani to be proud of her, but can see the hardships Tani is going through so she becomes sensitive and overprotective for her sake. Tani is the only one to see her softest side, as Lilla is cute around her.

Michiru Kiriya - She met Michiru during Starlight, she Instantly became Best Friends with her.

Mayumi - Both are childhood friends.

Ichika Hoshimiya - Both are very close, she got her sweet tooth from when Ichika took her out to a parfait store.

Cera Komori - She looks up to Cera's designing and asks advice often.

Etymologyy Edit

Shirogane (白銀) is the Japanese word for the metal, silver

Lilla (リラ) or Lillia has no meaning in Japanese, however, Lilla is a Hebrew baby name, within the meaning is Oath of God, or God is satisfaction, whilst her other spelling, Lillia is a different spelling of Lilly or Elizabeth, meaning Lily flower or Oath of God.

Quotes Edit

''A fallen dove must spread there wings to fly! Lilla Shirogane, ready to take flight'' -Lilla when entering the dresser

''Everyone Is a main protagonist of there own story, you are on a path you cannot disobey and will have to create mistakes to mark your path. What's your story?'' -To everyone

''It's only a philosophy, but I believe there are universes which are Intertwined with thin threads that create a supernatural occurrence that we call a haunting, In reality It's just showing us a reflection of the other universe like a mirror.'' -To her fans

''This book Is nice.'' -To herself

''Big sister Tani, puffu.. puff.. Hug? I-I mean! Hahahah!'' -To Tani

''It's not cold, I can feel the warmth of the sun signaling from the sky, gently hitting our cheeks. I beg God to make It not cold.'' -To Mayumi, Michiru

''What makes a coord a coord? I do very well understand you have to design with your heart and need Inspiration but I cannot even though I use the deepest parts of my heart to due so, so what makes you design coords so very well?'' -To Cera

''I want to carve out my true self, find the path I am searching for so desperately, a faraway wish I know will never come true If I cannot face my obstacles with passion.'' -Lilla to her fans on stage

Idol Information Edit

Lilla's preferred brands are Fallen Dove and Gothic Melodia. Her school number currently Is 659, she also currently attends Starlight Academy.

Trivia Edit

  • She's a Virgo
  • Her birthday being on September 21st
  • Her favorite colors Include dark blue, purple, white
  • Her favorite foods Include spicy foods such as dahl, salan and spicy tuna
  • Her disliked foods Include sushi, cheese and carrots
  • She shares her love for Western TV loves with her best friend Michiru Kiriya
  • Her favorite Western TV shows Include Gotham, Lost In Space, Designated Survivor, Mist, Charmed, Riverdale, Grimm and Reign
  • She has a love for Korean Dramas
  • Her favorites being Hwarang, Strong Girl-Bong Soon, A Korean Odyssey, Spark, Part-Time Idol, and My Only Love Song
  • She dislikes Anime, and Manga
  • Although she likes Boku No Hero Academia
  • She loves Books
  • Her favorites being Shakespeare, and Moby Dick
  • She also likes fantasy books like Fifth Wave, Night World