Mascots or Mascot Characters (ゆるキャラ Yuru-kyara) are usually animals or creatures that represent their respective brand.

List of Known Mascots Edit

Kitsune (狐) / Húli jīng Edit

The mascot of Sweet Story

"Want to come with on the story your seeking for? Huehue"
– Kitsune's quote

A orange darwin's fox with one heart earring In front of the foxes Inner ears, with a red cape and nine tails to match the folklore story of the nine-tailed fox spirit, named Kitsune or Húli jīng which literally translates to Fox. Kitsune Is noticeably smaller than the other mascots to match the brands theme of Innocence.

Goth Teddy/Goth-sama Edit

The mascot of Gothic Melodia

A dark blue teddy bear with a patterned music note design with black lace on the inner ears and paws with a white muzzle and black button eyes. Named "Goth-sama", this bear wears a crystalline necklace and a red rose atop the left ear.

Étoile Canary/ Sol Edit

The mascot of Étoile Sunset

A yellow canary with sunset hues upon it's wings and feathers with bright yellow eyes. Nicknamed "Sol", meaning sun in French by Kiari Natsuki, the brand's muse; the canary is a day version of Lune Symphonia's mascot, Ciel.

Lune Canary/ Ciel Edit

The mascot of Lune Symphonia

A purple canary with white and blue hues upon it's wings and feathers with dark blue eyes. Nicknamed "Ciel", meaning sky in French by Miyuki Kanzaki, the brand's designer; this mascot is also the night version of Étoile Sunset's mascot, Sol.

Creamy Chinchilla/Kero Edit

The mascot of Creamy Sundae

A chinchilla with pastel yellow along with light green and baby blue, named "Kero". The chinchilla is believed to give light and happiness to it's users.

Dreamy Puppy/ Pekorin Edit

The mascot of Dreamy Fantasy

A fluffy bright pink and white furred dog with big round blue eyes that look like the sea and fairy wings attached to it's back, Pekorin was named by the brand's muse, Lala Nijino.

Joyful Otter/NasturuEdit

The mascot of Joyful Summer

Natsuru is a small yet cute otter who has a yellow hibiscus crown atop their head.

Colorful Cat / Puffy Edit

The mascot of Colorful Paradise.

A cat splattered with colorful paint, and a multi-colored top hat to match the brands craziness, and a colorful bow-tie, named Puffy to match It's fluffy fur.

Fallen Ili Pika / Felicity Edit

The mascot of Fallen Dove.

A small IIi Pika with mini wings that look like a Dove's wings, and a mini crown around her left ear, named Felicity to match the Intense happiness of flying once again In the sky.