Mimiko(三美子), Is a major side-character In Aikatsu! Next Melody who Is a cute-type Idol, whose preferred brand Is Girly Love, Mimiko currently attends Blessing Saint Private Academy.

Bio Edit

Mimiko Is a side-character In Aikatsu! Next Melody who makes her cameo debut In Episode 5, but makes her official debut In Episode 9 where she Is seen doing a concert on the TV, and Mimiko jumps right Infront of It and Introduces herself to everyone In Starlight despite not attending Starlight Academy. Ichika and her friends were curious so they checked her out, to find out she's related Sakurano and Yuuchi. Mimiko who was formerly a online Idol has now pursued her dreams of being a official Idol of being a Aikatsu! Idol.

Appearance Edit

Mimiko has dark pink hair that reaches to her waist, she puts her hair In a messy high ponytail held up by a brown belt, with round green eyes, and a light pink choker, with a beauty mark on her cheek.

Personality Edit

Mimiko has a sweet personality, sometimes being calm and energetic- acting normal for a Cute type Idol but she sometimes shows her other side which Is a psycho type of persona by making dark jokes and talking about unfortunate events, and looking like she never takes anything seriously but actually she does.

Aura Edit

Mimiko's aura Is comprised of lollipops, strawberry cake pieces alongside cherries.

Background Edit

As a child, Mimiko disliked Idols and wanted to find something fun until she saw Yuuko who was doing his best In becoming a Idol, doing a concert on the street. Mimiko who was curious checked him out, finding out his reasons, getting closer to him Mimiko decides to make a promise with him to become a Idol.

Relationships Edit

Yuuko Takami - Yuuko Is her best friend, and she usually says she's engaged to him even at such a young age.

Sakurano - Her cousin, both are close.

Yuuchi - Her cousin, both are close.

Etymology Edit

三 (Mi) translates to "three", whilst 美 (Mi) means "beautiful" combined with 子 (Ko) meaning "child".

Trivia Edit

  • Mimiko doesn't like being a cute-type Idol
  • She would rather be a pop-type Idol as that suits her more
  • But the system got corrupted when she entered the coords
  • Changing them to Cute-Type coords