Mina(美那), is a side-character and she attends to an academy named Goddess Ark.

Bio Edit

Mina is seen as a person who is very cheerful and a strong girl, who would do anything for her friends. Mina is quite unique, saying "Slurp" at the end of her sentences as a catchphrase. When Mina sees her friends upset or feeling any sort of pain, she will make them laugh and smile wanting them to be happy. Mina loves colorful places and the beautiful colors. She has a brand named Colorful Daze and she's a pop-type idol.

Appearance Edit

Mina Is a young female with round emerald green eyes and short-length green hair that fades Into lime usually seen messy. She wears the Goddess Ark uniform often, although sometimes she's seen wearing an orange dress with a bow-tie tied around her right leg, red goggles and random socks.

Personality Edit

Mina is a sweet friendly young female, she's bright as a sun always putting on a smile. When she sees others go on stage, she would smile and support them, jumping up and down screaming across the room. Mina is also a girl who gets really excited and loves surprises.

Background Edit

When Mina was a kid, there were plenty of kids, who talked behind her back due to the fact she would always say "SLURP" because she didn't know how to talk, read or write. The kids in her school would call her weird since all she could say was "SLURP" she was disappointed and upset wanting to know how to speak instead of being laughed or being backstabbed. She met a boy who taught her how to read and write, he would tell her to try and pronounce "I love you" and she tries pronouncing it. The boy name was Makato and they went over practicing a few other words. Mina was really happy and thanked Makato for teaching her how to pronounce words and read.

Relationships Edit

Ayumi Shiratori- Mina and Ayumi are both energetic, they both would do each other hair and Ayumi would sometimes help Mina with her dance moves.

Airi Futaba-Her and Airi have quite a friend relationship, she helps Airi with the garden at Goddess Ark and sometimes loves messing around with Airi.


Sakurano-Mina and Sakurano played with each other when Sakurano visits Goddess Ark, Mina would be really happy to see her and she would pull Sakurano into a tight hug.


Sakura Seki-

Etymology Edit

Mina means (美那 "love")

Trivia Edit

  • Mina was based off a real person
  • She is similar to GUMI from Vocaloid
  • She muses a brand named Colorful Daze
  • (WIP)