My Days!! SPLASH! Is a Pop-Type song which debuts In Episode 10. The stage that gets used Is the Popping Fun stage, however the debut stage also gets used sometimes.

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My Days! SPLASH! Is a pop-type song that gets Introduced In Episode - 10 with Mielle Le Lumiere singing It, the song originally was going to be named SPLASHING! DREAMS! although It soon was changed to My Days! Splash!

The song Is mostly used by Pop-type Idols although there has been cases with the other types singing the song much like Ichika, Cera, Karin, Lala and Hanami, Ayumi's live In Episode 20 where they perform My Days! SPLASH! with the debut stage for a audition.

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The song has a pop-type theme towards It with a Innocent and fun vibe to It, the lyrics being childish as If a child wrote It and the stage having childish elements, much like a child that drew a picture for there parent, however the song also uses dessert elements to give a sweet feeling towards the viewers with the right amount of fun Imprinted Into the lyrics.

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