OVA literally stands for Original Video Animation, which can be seen as a special episode of a show/series to watch which are sometimes not connected to the plot; It depends on the original video animation at hand.

Short Original Video Animations Edit

These are usually Original Video Animations that are for fun, much like extra news told by a lovable character, or a other character that's not the main protagonist going on some sort of adventure. These are usually made before a new season of the Series gets broadcasted.

List Edit

Raimu decides to start her own cooking and she invites her friends who know nothing about cooking. All determined to sabotage each others' cooking and messing things up at every turn, how will this cooking show end? But then Raimu cooks some special cookies that have the ability to make two people fall deeply in love just for a day, what havoc will Raimu bring to the people of her cooking show? And the bigger question is, will she stop at her cooking show?

Hina gets Invited to a party hosted by Ichika and her friends to congratulate Hina with getting Into the top ranking, Hina who was confused thought they were sneaking around decided to follow them, and hear where they are going- But, there are lots of obstacles of such, her friends try to stop her from following? What could they be planning!?

Mielle who realizes her ranking might be dropped wants to create an event to help her ranking and not disappoint her fans, unfortunately she gets caught up in the event and forgets what Is most Important being an Idol, she accidentally Ignored her fans who she used with the context special; Mielle who wasn't seeing this continued to do so, that's when Chiyo, Ayumi get an Idea they get Mayumi to dress as an Angel, making her act like she's from Heaven, who came down to talk to Mielle and help her- Mielle who believes It, Is excited! But will she realize her mistakes?

Being deep in thought, Cera finds herself wandering around in a spooky library before getting sucked into a book!? Meeting her friends and believing it was a just a dream, she realizes that none of her friends recognize her! Unable to believe that everyone is no longer an idol, Cera teams up with Tani to investigate! What will the outcome be?

Special Original Video Animations Edit

These usually are OVAs showing the backstories of separate characters, or past events, most likely Important towards the plot and usually comes out before something Important will happen and/or connected to the characters or arcs.

List Edit

What's the truth with Miyuki and Kiari and why Is Miyuki saying they are connected from the past? The truth will be revealed!

How did Mana become an Idol, and who Is Mimi? Her sister who might come back? Will the truth be revealed!?

Promotional Original Video Animations Edit

Promotional Original Video Animations are often a playback on the series, explaining the plot and what happened so far and the characters alongside an extra scene or small animation, these are usually used to get more known In the Industry the projects are aiming towards.

List Edit

Ichika and Cera break the fourth wall by talking to the screen, then they host an event where they tell you what happened so far In chibi forms and Introduce the characters!