Plushie Party is the first album that Snowy Palette released. The theme for this album is fluffy, onesie-like motifs, usually things that would be seen in a slumber party, and ears or small details to make them look like a plush toy. The main coords for this album are the Sunflower Leo coord and the Plush Unicon coord. The songs are often dream-like lullabies, similar to Onegai Merry in a way. It was released on April 29, 2018.

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Track Listing Edit

-Party Lucky

-Sleeping with a Dream

-Plush Party (main song)

-Night of the Plushies

-Secret Party

-Leo Happiness

-Plushie Escape

Coords Edit

-Sunflower Leo coord

-Plush Unicorn coord

Appeals Edit

Plushie Moonlight (Rare) - The user(s) stands on a tall tower as plushies fall everywhere the user jumps up and does a pose as the fall onto the plushies. This appeal can be used with one of the rare coords designed especially for Plushie Party.

Plushie Explosion (Premium Rare) - The users are on a spinning platform as they jump off and onto a soft pillow as plushies fall from the spinning platform and on top of them as a giant sparkly explosion happens and they jump up and do a pose together as the plushies fall around them. This appeal requires two people wearing a premium coord from the Plushie Party album. Only Hanami and Ayumi are known to have performed this appeal.