"My senses are tingling... Start Raimu Matchmaker transformation sequence!"

Basic detailsEdit

Raimu is a first year student at starlight academy and a semi-main character of Aikatsu melody. She's the daughter of Yuzu and a newbie idol with a love for fangirling. She later transfers to goddess arc before returning to starlight to stay with Tani.


Raimu is one of the smallest characters in next melody, she has bright orangy yellow hair which she lets down with two small buns on the top tied up with colourful beads and two braids on the sides of her bangs tied up with beads. She has vibrant green eyes like her mothers and she almost always can be seen wearing brackets with her uniform.

When Raimu goes out on the streets she wears a baggy bright green top with pictures of chibi characters on it with a vest underneath, she wears shorts and small trainers along with sunglasses on her head and many accessories like handbags, bracelets and necklaces.

In the colder months she can be seen wearing black shorts and stockings along with a green long jumper and a scarf and hat- along with thick winter boots.

When sleeping Raimu wears a brown top that looks like a tabby cat and cream shorts- the top has a small hood with cat ears and a small chibi cat face. She also wears odd socks and puts her hair in twin-tails while she sleeps.

When Raimu goes the the beach she wears a green polkadot swimsuit with a baggy jumper for when she's not swimming- she also wears yellow crocs on her feet at the beach.


Raimu's aura is filled with stars, bubbles, limes and many different colours of hibiscus flower and sometimes yellow hearts if Raimu is feeling really passionate. It's a pretty basic Aura at the start of next melody with these things circling her but as next melody progresses it changes.

As the series goes on her aura gets a little more grand, the same things still happen but they change a little- the hibiscus now have light green leaves, some of the lines are cut in half and lemons sometimes appear, the stars often appear in clusters before spreading out, the bubbles sometimes come in heart and star shaped and the yellow hearts sometimes collide and make yellow sparkles. Sweets are added to the aura in places and an arch made out of a wave with hibiscus flowers and limes in it archs over Raimu.

By the end of next melody Raimu's aura is much bigger and under Raimu are neon lights and fruits (Lemons, limes, oranges.) The wave also gets seashells in it


Ichika Hoshimiya- Raimu fangirls over Ichika alot, thinking Ichika is just like Ichika's mother, although she can be easily disappointed by Ichika. She sees Ichika as a friend and is willing to tell her about idols in other classes. Ships with Lala.

Lala- Raimu doesn't really talk to Lala much and doesn't know much about her, but constantly asks questions to her about her childhood with Ichika and what it was like to be Yume's daughter. Ships with Ichika.

Ayumi- Knows due to her mother, they played a few times as kids but never became good friends. Often gossips about Ayumi.

Cera- Has written many a poem about- acts scared around her for the giggles and respects her vampire persona, even if she acts scared of it. Once made Cera a lime cheesecake in hopes of learning more about her childhood. Ships with Karin.

Karin- Gets along well with her and respects her, often gives her lime and lemon candy. Ships with Cera.

Serenity- Haven't met yet.

Marina- Hasn't met her yet but she fangirls over her.

Mielle- Hasn't met yet, but she's a fan of Mielle. Ships with Est.

Hasuki- Hasn't met yet.

Tani- Childhood best friends so close they seemed like sisters, but in recent years they have drifted apart and have become vicious rivals.

Aki- Completely enchanted by her, they haven't met but Aki is the person Raimu fangirls over the most.

Yuzuki- They've never met, pretends not to know who she is but spends a lot of her free time researching this mysterious daughter of Akari. She hopes to one day meet her and she hopes to ask her if being an idol is really what Yuzuki wanted to do with her life. Ships with Momo.

Momo- Has never met her in person but often sends her letters. Ships with Yuzuki.

Yuzu- Her mother, they treat each other like sisters and get along really well- the other original S4 members call Raimu the Mini Yuzu.

Yozora- Spent alot of time with as a young child- sees her as an auntie. As a young child she often played in her hair.

Hime- Spent alot of time with her as a young child- sees her as an auntie.

Tsubasa- Spent alot of time with as a young child- sees her as an auntie. Sometimes mimicks her 'It's punishment time!'.

Lily- Sees her as a second mother- most of the time she spent with Yuzu Lily was also there.

Lillia- Finds her really cute, often teases her and boops her nose.

Est- She knows about how emotionless she can truly be and can relate to not being able to feel emotions sometimes. Ships with Mielle.

Quotes Edit

It's fun and games until the computer crashes..."

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a match- before I rip up everything I can snatch."

"Raimu Nikaidō is the name- the tangy idol with a sense of fangirling." She introduces herself out.

"Time to show the world my Zingy performances- Raimu is here to spice it up with tang!"

"It's not called obsession it's just a very devoted curiosity."

"Pfft, this isn't stalking it's just walking.... extremely close behind Neheheh!"

"I'm just curious, no harm taken- riiight?"

"This Aikatsu, it isn't just about singing it dancing- it's about fun! I want to make the decisions I want to make! This is my journey."

"You love me don't you? If you don't... this murder might accidentally be blamed on you- I wouldn't w-want that for you so, do you love me?"

"How does rag tag volunteer group of idols, somehow surpass an idol unit powerhouse? I'll tell you how, with love, hope compass, bonds and blackmail."

"Aw, c'mon Tani it was just a bird. I'm not asking much so let's make a deal so no one else gets hurt."

Brand Edit

Raimu has no brand herself but she dreams of having one called 'matchmaker', which she'd use to invent coords mixing certain things from other coords that she liked together to see what It'd produce.

Since Raimu has no brand she often just uses multiple already existing brands that specialise in cool and pop coords.

Personality Edit

Raimu is quite the go with the flow girl- she doesn't really matter what happens in life and she just likes to watch things go by. But this doesn't mean she doesn't want to speed them up- Raimu is quite impatient and very energetic. She's excitable and gets excited about anything, she's got a very good memory and loves other idols and remembering everything she can about them. Raimu is quite creative and has her own ongoing fanfiction series online that she attempts to update everyday, not to mention she's quite the shipper. But Raimu has a secret desire...a want...a need- Raimu wants information on things and she'll do anything to get it- no matter the cost.

Etymology Edit

Raimu means Lime or Citrus.

Nikaidō (二階堂, Nikaidō) is the name of a town in Kanagawa, Japan. If translated into words, Ni (二) means two, Kai (階) means storey, And Dou (堂) means hall.

Trivia Edit

• Much like her mother, Raimu's favourite drink is cream soda.

• Raimu didn't get much recognition from the public when she was born because Yuzu kept her a secret.

• Raimu is cancer and her birthday is the exact same day as Yuzu's birthday, Yuzu often jokes that Raimu was a very fun birthday present.

• Raimu holds a small authors club in starlight academy after school sometimes- she once but up banners in the school reading:

'To the Authors club come one, come all-

Come face your creativity's downfall.'

Which causes her to get into a little trouble.

• Raimu's favourite animal are octopus.

• Along with obsessing other idols Raimu also obsesses about a game called Animal mossing- she once skipped a lesson to play it.