Reincarnated Revolution (生まれ変わった革命), is the song featured for Last Boundary. This song is sang by Lilla Shirogane on her premium stage.

Bio Edit

The song was created by Lilla, who was tasked by the designer of Fallen Dove to make a song that fit the purpose within the brand, however, she needed to stay original to herself and make a song out of her originality whilst keeping loyal to the brands Image, once she did so she decided to use this song for the Premium Rare she was given.

Story Edit

The story of the song focuses on a girl and a boy who are well aware of the Gods malicious tricks on the world to take away lives and restart it, so they create a revolution however they only end up with unfortunate endings to each others lives, despite this the Gods decide to continue to reincarnate them, each life they fall In love and become aware of the Gods, creating a everlasting revolution.

Stage Edit

The stage used Is Last Boundary, a cool-type premium stage only used by the muse of Fallen Dove, Lilla Shirogane.

Lyrics Edit

Short Edit

The small threads of the world are Intertwined within a reincarnation only used for devastation

(Reincarnated.. Revolution)

In the boundary of the unknown, lies a secret that is only told to the gods

The gods who were cursed with the power of reincarnation

They say that a single teardrop of one can save you from this curse

The curse of everlasting lives, in a forbidden romance that can catch you in a single lie

Rewind, the clock goes backwards to where you opened your eyes to the light from the cruelty of the world

Forward, a new life is at It's anew

My heart throbbing, when all my memories get taken by the Gods who acted as bystanders

The threads being sewn beside each other, creating a tangle within this broken universe

Where we were born to die, to restart for the bystanders who call themselves Gods

Under the masks of those of the unknown, lies a child sobbing for a Mothers love

But they choose to restart a broken clock that damages this universe

(La, La, La, La)

Do you hear the faint sobbing?

The sobbing of the Gods, here we are to the last boundary of the revolution under task

The threads will someday fall from the hands of the Gods

To a place where the unknown might not even know

A revolution used for devastation

A forbidden romance, you and I

The revolution of humankind

With a single teardrop from a God who pitied the child,

the child of humankind

Please, oh tell me what is your wish you desperately wanted from the Gods?

You say that with a soft tone, before being taken within the endless reincarnation

Revolution reincarnates, over and over like a cycle

The cycle of life which we cannot break

Our fragile bodies being taken by the bystanders

By the boundary, I see you once again

Please, oh tell me what Is this?

A forbidden romance that is a Illegal within the Gods words

Penalty!! Penalty!! They all shout with no ease

Here we are again, a reincarnation from our revolution that revolved into devastation

Let us restart, our threads will intertwine to be tangled with again

The last boundary, our forbidden romance-

Reincarnated Revolution..

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