Rie Shirakaba (リエ白樺) is a side character in Aikatsu! Next Melody and is 13 years old and 155 cm in Season 1.

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Rie has silky dark purple hair with violet and lavender tips that reaches her back in Season 1. Halfway to Season 2, she completely changes her style and cut off her own hair to have it cut in a straight line across her shoulders and it now reaches her shoulder-blades. Her bangs were also cut and turned to a tilted straight cut and a bit of her hair is braided at the side and curls behind her ear while a single curl is left astray. She has crimson eyes with flecks of pink in them that hold secrets that only one person knows and her eyes are said to be like roses, hence her preferred brand.

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Shirakaba (白樺) Shira (白 shiro) means white and combined with Kaba (樺), which means birch, Shirakaba means white birch. It refers to the White Birch Forests in Hokkaido, where Rie's mother was born.

Rie (リエ) is simple katakana for her name.

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Rie was a user of Ocean Muse in Season 1 but due to her transformation, she is the now a user of Rosetta Spice, a passion type brand devoted to showing the user's inner spice and passion, making them bloom like a rose.

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