"To be an idol without any hopes or dreams, isn't that a bit strange? As an idol, you want to shine even brighter, to get that someone to notice you, to let your song, your voice, your performance to stay on their minds forever and- eh? I must have started talking about nonsense, I'm sorry about that" – A random Ryo quote

Ryo Fujiwara (료후지와라) or (藤原亮) is a side character in Aikatsu! Next Melody and the adoptive son of Miyabi Fujiwara. He is the older brother of both Reila Fujiwara and Laiza Fujiwara. His preferred brand varies from Gothic Melodia or Oriental Lotus from time to time despite him being a cool type idol.


Ryo is a young male student at Starlight Academy and a member of Starise. Before attending Starlight Academy, he studied aboard with his childhood friend, Cera Komori. His motivation on why he became an idol has yet to be revealed, but his dream is to become a musician.


Ryo has dark teal eyes that'll often twinkle with laughter and pale tan skin. He has dark brown hair that has bangs split on the right side and several strands sticking up . He is usually seen wearing the boys uniform from Starlight Academy; now that Starlight has created a boys dormitory and is no longer an all girls academy.  


In Season 1, he debuted in an unknown Eclarier Coord, later revealed to be the Melodia Eclarier Coord

In Season 2 and 3, he wears the same coord but upgraded to have stars around the hem of the jacket.

Later on in Seasons, he is rarely seen in performance other than the Fairytale Arc, wearing the Charming Glass Prince Coord.

Casual Wear and Disguise

Ryo wears an oversized jacket, jeans or occasionally ripped jeans and sneakers as well as glasses or a baseball hat. During the winter, he wears a long button up coat, a sweater, a beanie, regular jeans and gloves. In the limited edition fanbook for Aikatsu! Next Melody, it is revealed that he wears glasses when reading and a headband to push back his bangs. 


During the Fairytale Arc, he wore the Charming Glass Prince Coord, a coord from Gothic Melodia

Formal Wear

For formal wear, he wears a suit with a dark blue handkerchief in the jacket pocket and golden cufflinks on the jacket's sleeves as well as dress shoes and a tie.


Always optimistic and smiling, Ryo is one of the more cheerful characters. He is protective over friends and a precious cinnamonroll, if anyone dares to hurt him, Cera is there to attack you with books.

Flustered easily, he is often teased by friends, he doesn't care much of what others think and isn't afraid to speak his mind. He treasures almost everything and anything, seeing much in everyone, even a rival or a so called enemy. He is usually seen with a smile on his face, even when in pain or suffering, which of course, adds into the million reasons on why he is a precious cinnamonroll.

He is typically a selfless person, not caring if he gets hurt for others and putting others before himself. He's energetic and rarely yells but if irritated badly, he won't just stay silent and hide his feelings. Like most idols, he is very devoted in his work, both idolwork and designing.


Warning, do not read if you do not want to see a cinnamonroll be hurt. You have been warned.

Ryo had grown up in a household where he was beaten by his father at a very early age for unknown reasons while his mother's whereabouts were unknown despite her never being seen in the anime nor in any franchise, presumably deceased. Despite being in pain and suffering, he managed to smile and stay strong throughout his early childhood. Having many scars and marks from the past, they still remain on mostly his back to present day. Finally seeing an opening to escape while his father had passed out, he left the so called cursed mansion and wandered around the streets with his only precious possession, his violin. He then was found by Miyabi Fujiwara, who took him under her care; becoming his mother.

Quickly, he got along with Laiza Fujiwara and Reila Fujiwara, who were Miyabi's daughters and the three treated each other like blood related siblings. Laiza, knew of Ryo not being kin but on the other hand, Reila did not and believed they were blood related due to Ryo having a similar appearance and traits to them. It was later revealed that the three promised and planned to make a book, with Reila illustrating and Ryo and Laiza writing. Unfortunately, the promise could never be fulfilled.

Although it is not mentioned on how Reila passed away, it is known that this traumatized Ryo greatly and he blamed himself for her death. In the end, from a flashback of Miyabi's, it is revealed that she had found Reila on the road, trying to find her brother who was none other than Ryo; the two being blood related in the end. With Reila gone, Laiza and Ryo grew apart with Ryo leaving to study aboard with his friend, Cera Komori and Laiza leaving to attend Himezakura Private Girls Academy.

Upon attending Starlight Academy, he was scouted to join different idol schools but he turned them down, saying that he had someone he wanted to make smile and didn't want to leave their side. Shortly after. Starise was formed and he was revealed to be one of the members. As if it was sabotage, a scandal arose. Somehow, someone had put a hidden camera and exposed pictures of his scars, leading the media to believe that it was Miyabi's fault for that. He denied the claims against Miyabi and for the first time, revealed his painful past to the media, causing shock to the media and his friends. Despite having that scandal and much backlash, he still continued to do what he loved.


Ryo's aura consists of falling snow, clouds, and tiny periwinkles.


Cera Komori- The two are childhood friends and often are seen together reading or designing coords for Gothic Melodia.

Kou Suzuki- The two are good friends and often seen together, they are also fellow members in Starise

Ichika Hoshimiya- The two are on good terms and due to Ichika being the matchmaking/shipping/tea/etc queen, he often consults her on advice.

Laiza Fujiwara- The two met up for the first time in years in Episode 90 after Ryo saw Laiza's performance trending and to this day, the two are on good terms and treat each other like true siblings despite them not sharing the same blood.

Reila Fujiwara- His deceased younger sister who he loved very much. It has been revealed that the two was very close.


"Well, don't you think a smile suits everyone better? When you're smiling, with happiness and joy, next to friends, family, fans, rivals, everyone, your happiness gets a boost too!"

"Smile smile! After all, smiling suits everyone much more than a frown!"


WiP wHiLe ByUL diEs fRoM fEeLs attAckinG froM thE bAckStoRy


  • 50% of his quotes just talk about smiling-
  • Like most of Byul's characters, Ryo is based off of someone important in her life