''Want a lollipop? Huhuhue''

Sakurano(愛乃), Is a side-character In Aikatsu! Next Melody, who gets Introduced In Season 2. She Is currently 17 years of age, she Is a cool-type Idol whose preferred brand Is (TBA).

Bio Edit

Sakurano Is a young female student who Is a transfer student at Starlight Academy, she was formerly a solo Idol. Sakurano has a semi-unit with Taka Shiba, and Yuuchi, In the past Sakurano was In a band which usually sang the rock genre, her nickname was SakuSaku so not much knew of her when she transferred to the Idol system.

Sakurano states she just became a Idol for fun, and she doesn't care for the fans but In reality It Is shown she became a Idol for a reason, and she does care about her Fans.

Appearance Edit

Sakurano Is a short female girl with dark pink hair pulled up Into two messy pigtails with pale pink tips, she has stated she has Heterochromia which makes her eyes different color; making her left eye a dark shade of green, as her right Is a lighter shade, It's not as noticeably seen as she states. Sakurano Is seen In a normal sleeveless sailor school outfit, a black choker and garters on each thigh, with simple trainer/sneakers that are seen to be overused.

Personality Edit

Sakurano Is seen as over-hyped and really energetic which Is refreshing to acquaintances/fans but annoying to her friends, she often states that she thinks of everything as a game and often never takes anything serious which leads to trouble, due to having a Immense love of Lollipops she's always seen with on. Sakurano likes dark jokes and easily affects or hurts others with them, never noticing she actually Insulted them they would start avoiding her. She can easily become short-tempered when someone would Insult her sister Yuuchi, but due to all her personality traits people explain her as peculiar, weird as she has a love for the genre Rock and could have continued her band, although she composes most of the music for her concerts; and often explains things In weird or Insulting ways, often explained as a crazy lunatic but she tends to Ignore that.

Background Edit

Her background Is currently not known.