Shizuki(静希), Is a side character In Aikatsu! Next Melody, she's a cool-type Idol whose preferred brand Is Fallen Dove.

Bio Edit

Shizuki also known as Shizu Is a cool-type Idol attending Four Clover Academia, she debuted In Season Two as the cruel Idol who destroyed anyone In her way; she was Infamous, although all her fans loved her for her striking personality, In Season Two It got revealed she was actually really nice, her appearance just gave off the vibe that she was a delinquent of some sort.

Aura Edit

Shizuki's aura Is comprised of black threads creating a large spiral around her alongside crystals, and apples.

Appearance Edit

Shizuki Is a tall tanned girl with sharp dark purple eyes and midnight black hair put Into a side pigtail with grey tips, and a blue headband with dark blue stripes holding back her fringe/bangs.

Personality Edit

Shizuki Is a scary looking girl when on stage, giving off the wrong Image she Intended to, rather than being such a delinquent, she's quite calm and nice, there to help her friends but she also gets shy and flustered easily, people easily assume she's mad due to her glaring, which Is revealed to be due to her bad eyesight.