Shooting Star(流れ星, Nagareboshi) Is a semi-unit that consists of three members, Ichika Hoshimiya, Lala Nijino and Ayumi Shiratori. The Unit was formed In Season 1, Episode 50, the Unit Is still ongoing, the brands unit Is Gleaming Aurora.

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Shooting Star was formed In 2016, the unit was created during the Second Arc, for the special auditions. The Unit Is still formed, and not disbanded. The Unit represents the dreams of everyone, In their words everyone's smiles and dreams creates a star that will shine, and one day will create a wish with a shooting star, a beautiful scenery.

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Ichika Hoshimiya Is one of the members of Shooting Star, she wears the Blessing Stars Coord, which consists of white stars and a yellow, golden palette.

Ayumi Shiratori Is one of the members of Shooting Star, Ayumi wears the Radiant Stars Coord, which consists of pastel pink stars and a peach pink, pastel pink palette.

Lala Nijino Is the last member of Shooting Star, she wears the Joyful Stars coord, which consists of hot pink stars and a white, pink palette.

Theme Edit

Shooting Stars theme Is In the name, the theme Is stars, dreams, and the galaxy Itself. Everyone Is a star, some are small, some are big, but It doesn't matter as all stars will shine greatly, they will have a unique shine they only can make. All stars will struggle, wanting to be like the Sirius they try as hard as they can, but never shining enough, but that doesn't mean you should give up but continue trying.

Shooting Stars theme Is to continue trying, walk down your path and you will make mistakes but you will grow on them, and become a shining star. And one day you will become a shooting star, that will make a wish come true with your own shine, your dreams will burst Into radiance that will make you shine far more than the Sun, even the Sirius.

Chronology Edit

How It was formed Edit

Ichika was quite depressed, due to her prior mistakes and her not being able to sing anymore due to how much stress she's been through; If she tried singing she would most likely have a panic attack. Lala saw how stressed Ichika was, and wanted to do something; Ayumi was also worried, and came up with a Idea. Ayumi then gave Ichika her hand, and told her to form a unit with her, and then they both can shine like Shooting Stars. She'll learn from her mistakes, and get up again. Ichika hesitated and didn't know what to do, and then Lala grabbed Ichika's other hand and told her that anyone can be a shooting star, since everyone shines In there own way. Ichika seeing how much her friends are trying to make her happy, she accepted; Realizing the pain on her chest faded, the happiness she longed for came. Ayumi came up with the Idea to name It Shooting Star, and Lala agreed but said Rice Stars would be good, making everyone laugh.

Obtaining Star Coords Edit

They knew they needed to Inform the designers of the brands they have; Ayumi also needed to get permission of a higher ranking brand she used as a reference since she's a rookie designer. But all of them were Informed that right now those designers are on a Mountain miles away, they wouldn't make It on time as there's a hour left until It ends. All of them didn't give up, but said they would come back on time and rushed off, looking at the map that the staff gave them. They all had to go through obstacles; such as traffic, haters, and much more. They finally got through half a hour after, only half a hour left and there was a whole mountain to climb after going through all those haters and obstacles, Including a forest of wild animals and what not. All of them were exhausted, hurt they didn't have enough energy. That's when they saw a shooting star, and they felt like It was a miracle; It was telling them they could do It.

They started climbing the mountain, nearly falling off countless times. When Ayumi fell Lala grabbed her hand, when Lala fell Ichika grabbed Lala's hand. All of them were supporting each other, they grabbed each others hands when they nearly fell. When they finally got up, all of their visions were blurry, and needed a rest but they knew they had to go now. So they ran towards the mansion. Climbing above the wall as Security didn't let them through; And finally seeing what they wanted to see. The designers, without words the designers near how much they went through. With their messy appearances, of course they'd knew they have gone through lots.

After Ichika, Ayumi and Lala said what they needed to say about knowing that the world Is cruel, but only If you make It to be. After countless mistakes, you can learn from them, and grow like a Star trying to find a shine, sometimes you feel like you aren't shining, you want to give up, you want to lose, stop but your still shining. You need to grow from your prior mistakes, and grow more more! Going down your bumpy path, It leads to the gates of a Wish, and that's when you will blossom Into a shooting star to create a miracle with a wish! Because you are the miracle, after they said what they actually needed to say. The designers explained that you can't have you unit coords so easily, that you needed to show your Idol passion. That's when they started singing at the same time, and dancing. They showed passion with a concert, without there system; Trying to stay up even If they are exhausted and hurt. The Designers gave a smile, and accepted making the Star coords for them; once you put all the coords together It creates a shooting star representing the name.

Although, they wouldn't be able to get back In time so the Designer lent them a Airplane, they went on with parachutes and when they were above the concert hall. They all jumped off with the parachutes, landing on the stage.

Debut Edit

The Unit Debut was at the end of the auditions, when everyone thought It finished they came down In parachutes, Lala grabbing onto Ayumi and Ichika, and Ayumi looking at the sky to find stars as Ichika was gasping at the crowd. They landed on stage; Everyone seemed confused as they debuted with the song Stars Of The Sky, with there matching Star coords, on the Leaping Sun stage, they did the Happy Wish appeal. Everyone was surprised, by the unit and song, although they did there best they unfortunately did not win the Event, they were all happy due to going this far and creating a unit full of happiness.

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