Sora Karan(Working In Progress), Is a side of Aikatsu! Next Melody, project and series. She Is a student at the Blessing Saint Private Academy, Sora Is a Cool Type Idol, whose preferred brand Is Shattering Violin. She's a daughter of a wealthy family, and owner of a pending Company.


Sora Karan, Is a daughter of a wealthy family, In the past, she didn't know what to become. She could not find her true dream, and the day she saw Idols perform, she thought she should try that out to find out If Idols are what she's supposed to be. She was encouraged not to, as Idols are looked down as 'Children' but so on, Sora continued to try.

Sora realizes, her true dream Is to create her own Company and make her parents proud, she went on a Hiatus as a Idol for one year, now being on her last year, after she graduates she said In a Interview, she will retire as a Idol and create her company In Korea, making her want to move to Korea after the final year.


Sora Is a fair skinned girl, with wavy pastel blonde hair that reaches further than her hips, she pulls up a short amount of hair Into a bun on her left side, Including braids that hold up her bun. Her preferred brand Is Shattering Violin, which Includes Gothic Lolita style, making her Interested In the Topic.


When she exercises, she pulls her hair up Into a curly ponytail. She wears the premium sports outfit, of Blessing Saint Private Academy, which Includes a long sports jacket, and sport shorts.

Sora wears a simple Gothic Lolita dress, with black tights, glasses, and a side hat for her disguise.

When Sora Is seen In her swimsuit, she wears a swimsuit dress with a pearl design, and sunglasses, with a small sized purse, that has sun screen sticking out.


In Season 1, Sora Is seen having long wavy pastel blonde hair that reaches to her hips, but a bit further. She pulls up a short amount of hair Into a small bun, on her left side, which Includes braids that hold up the bun. She Is seen blowing a kiss In her pose.

In Season 2, Sora ties her hair up Into two side pigtails, held up by a plain white ribbon. Her hair Is now noticeably a lot more curly. Sora Is seen doing a heart with her fingers, whilst winking In her pose.

In Season 3, Sora has short curly blonde hair, that reaches a bit further than her ears, with white earrings. She Is seen wearing a modern suit, similar to Orihime Mitsuishi. With light pink lipstick.


In the Special OVA 2, Sora Is seen being a 8 Year Old. She has medium length hair that reaches to her upper back, put In curly braids, with pink glasses, and a long blue dress that Is knee-length.


Sora Is a calm natured girl, who always looks at the bright side of things, she often has a smile on her face, not showing her true emotions. She remains calm In serious times, and always quotes famous book authors. Although, she can become quite stubborn when It comes to her Family, or someone she loves dearly. Sora Is seen as someone easy to talk to, Sora dislikes Informal language, but she doesn't mind those around her using It, she rather not speak In Informal language, Sora Is seen to have a different personality when listening to the Korean Boy Group Bangtan Boys, she becomes stubborn and does use Informal language, letting out her true emotions.

She also Is seen to have reasons behind everything she does, she can trick those around her with her kind personality. She does not leave anyone stranded, but rather uses them for her own goals. She also Is seen to barely give up, Sora Is also the love rival of Airi, even so she Is kind to everyone regardless of their nature.


Sora grew up In a wealthy family, making her know all the modern arts and traditional. She did not know what her purpose In life was, so she tried out various jobs, and roles to the World. Not finding one, but she came across Idols, and wanted to try out becoming a Idol.

Sora, then trained for two years In the private Academy Blessing Saint Academy, although later on she realizes that Idol Is not her purpose, but becoming a owner of a Company of her own. She wants to retire being a Idol after her last year, and start taking on the world of wealth.


Ichika Hoshimiya - Both are good friends, they have participated In Young Maiden auditions together.

Karin Kurisu - Both are good friends, they met each other through Lala.

Cera Komori - Both share Interests In Gothic styles, they get along.

Lala Nijino - One of the first students she met of Starlight Academy, she Is quite close to Lala, and often debates with why Rice Isn't good.

Ayumi Shiratori - Both are good friends.

Itsuki Takane - Both of them are neighbors, and played together as children.

Nami Takane - Both of them are neighbors, and best friends.

Mayo Takane - Both of them are neighbors, she often helped Mayo find the right clothing.

Lillia Shirogane - Both Lillia and Sora has the same preferred brand, Sora encourages Lillia to try to become the muse of the brand, when Hina steps down.

Makane Karan - Older brother.


Sora's aura Is comprised of blue Instruments, black clouds, and seethru bows rising, and white feathers, swirly planets, and gold moons circling them.

Sora's upgraded aura Includes of bejeweled instruments, flowery snow, black clovers, and big suns circling them.


''In a time of need, you do not hesitate, you must do what you have to do, I am Sora Karan.'' -Sora's Introduction
''No matter what the consequences are, I shall continue devoting myself to this.'' -Sora to her Mother
''I have found out my true dream, I shall open up a Company, and raise that company. It shall be mine, after my last year. I will retire'' -Sora realizing her true dream
''Hello, everyone. You've all grown up, It's been two years, has It not?'' -Sora In Season 3

Idol Information

Sora Is a cool type Idol whose preferred brand Is Shattering Violin, Shattering Violin Is a brand created by Hina Kamiya, the brand uses Gothic but Mature vibes, similar to a Young Maidens vibe.

Sora attends Blessing Saint Private Academy, she's a third year, and later on graduates, Blessing Saint Private Academy Is No. 2 on the list, Sora's card number Is 333.


  • Sora was originally going to be the Sister of Itsuki
  • Sora's Birthday Is on 10th of December.
  • Sora Is a Side Character who gets more screen time than other side characters
  • Her original name was Kara Karan.
  • She resembles Ayumi Shiratori.
  • Her least favorite foods Include Rice, and Miso Soup
  • Her favorite foods Include Ramen, and Spicy Tuna
  • She's never watched Anime before, as Inputted In Episode 7.