Starlight Academy(スターライト学園),

Is one of the original academies Introduced In the original Aikatsu! The Academy trains Idols with potential, and Is also formerly was an all girls school. All Idols who go to the school will have a Aikatsu! Card which allows them to wear Coords that are digitally Imprinted onto the Cards for concerts created by the Aikatsu! System. It formerly had grades that go from Middle school to high school, but now has primary going to university.

The former principal was Orihime Mitsuishi the former top Idol, who then passed the role down to Mizuki Kanzaki, the former top Idol and rival of Ichigo Hoshimiya.

The Academy Is currently No. 1 and tied with their Rival Academy, Goddess Ark, both academies known to be extraordinary In scouting Idols with potential, 99% of the Idols In both academies become successful.


As a School that teaches education and trains Idols with potential; There are various Uniforms for winter, and autumn, summer. However, unlike the past, skirts and pants can be worn freely by any gender, the rules only apply that you must wear the uniform but not specified or requiring a specific variation of the uniform.

Female Uniform

In the general-winter and autumn time, they wear a white blouse underneath a long sleeved blue jacket and a blue skirt with white trims, and thigh length socks and white boots with small heels. When summer/spring approach, their uniform becomes a short-sleeved shirt, whilst this is rare; the rest of the uniform remains the same.

Male Uniform

The male uniform differs slightly from the female's uniforms but follows the same colors. Unlike the female's uniforms, if the long sleeved coat is left unbuttoned, it wouldn't violate school rules. During the Winter and Autumn, they wear a more loose fitting long sleeved coat with a button up white shirt underneath and long trousers with ankle length socks and white loafers. During the Spring and Summer, they wear short sleeved shirts, blue and white shorts or trousers, sandals or school shoes and even have a hat.

Track Suits

Each Track Suit has a color depending on the Idol at hand, It usually gets chosen on what type they are but some cases like Ichika Hoshimiya has different colors that are often picked for there types.

Starlight's tracksuits have a short sleeved shirt with a star pattern knitted upon It, the shirt Is underneath a large track suit jacket or short, It depends on the Idol at hand. The sleeves are a different color from the white track suit jacket, located around the chest area Is a emblem with the letter S Imprinted onto It, with stars scattered around the S and underneath the emblem. The tracksuit has shorts with a pocket, the pockets are most likely different from the color of the shorts, they wear trainers/sneakers along with ankle length socks that fall down. Often the Idols put there hair In a high style of some sort.

School Coords

The School Coord designs follow the same pattern, although there will be different elements for each Idol, sometimes they resemble each other regardless there elements will differ from each other. The Starter coords currently Is the Carnival Coords.


Starlight Academy's jackets for winter and august usually are explained with the context oversized, they have three buttons, first starting right below the collar and other buttons beneath the first, the jackets are knee-length and usually have a matching hat.

School Grounds

Outside (Exterior)

From the outside, the academy is a large mansion with a large star in the center with overarching blue trims with two small stars that are slightly underneath the large star.

Main Building

The main building is in the center of the map where there's patches of grass surrounding the main hall, once seen from a map the trees located near it make a shape of a star, which follows the myth of those with a brilliant shine will be found in the middle of the star.


The halls are long and filled with previous Idols (Statues, photos, and more). The halls have three sets of door to the right and left with a trim of birch wood and golden accent on the walls.

Audition Hall

The audition hall is overused and worn out, with some scratches on the wallpaper, it's a large circle hall with two stars designed within the floor where the users will stand until the large door which follows to the Aikatsu! dresser opens.


The cafeteria is where people have lunch, breakfast, supper, or snacks. The tables are generally made from oak wood and come across each other in duos. There's a large tainted window that allows the user to see the rest of the forest, with a small scenery of the ocean and city below.

Dance Studio

The dance studio is found at the end of the halls, it's a room that supplies training resources, it has two bars for stretching, a trampoline, and other work out Items to use for training, the floor is made out of oak wood and has a small Tv in the corner with use of only seeing Improvement from prior concerts, or Kirakiratter news (Latest concerts, ranking, fans blogs)


The tracks are used for running, where Idols can challenge themselves and Improve. It consists of running tracks, surrounded by large patches of grass. The tracks have resources to use when running, and two bleaches across from each other to rest upon and a vending mechine filled with water bottles.


There is twenty buildings across from each other which consist of medium rooms with two beds across from each other, they are located near the academy, and can be used by guests or Idols of the school. Each room has a general color pallete of light peach walls, and two simple windows at the end of th room. The rooms are able to be decorated by the Idol themselves. Each room has a max of three people, however, only when a Idol quits, moves or goes on a hiatus will a Idol be alone in a room.


The library is located near the main building, containing many books as the library has two floors. The first floor is lined with wooden planks and soft carpeting while a chandelier and lamps give light, providing a calm environment. Maroon painted walls are accented with windows that have windowseats, along with curtains that students can choose to use to dim the lighting or not. On the second floor, the walls are decorate with notes and signatures from past idols, written with paint. Unlike the first floor, the second floor's ceiling is decorated to look like a starry night. Books line the shelves of both floors and are able to be checked out.


There is a large forest that generally consists of patches, these patches make a Icon of a star, which follows the myth. The forest is on a small mountain, also called Starlight's Mountain. There is a small crumbled path that reaches to the city, which is often for cars or the Idols/guests.



Primary Division

Middle School Division

High School Division

College Division

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University Division

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Former Students