Starry Ribbon (星空のリボン) is a Cute type brand in Aikatsu! Next Melody. It made its cameo appearance in Aikatsu! Next Melody episode 1 when it showed Ayumi drawing brand concepts, and made its official appearance in Aikatsu! Next Melody episode 3. The motif for this brand is cute, galaxy-like designs with a ribbon implemented. The designer and muse for this brand is Ayumi Shiratori.

Background Edit

"Shooting stars don't have to come in the night time; they can come during the daytime. Similarly, wishes don't have to remain wishes! Let's create a starry wish together! " -Catchphrase

Starry Ribbon is based on Stars, wishes, miracles, and the legend that if you wear a ribbon your wish will come true. The brand is created for young girls who want to capture their wish in a single coord. All coords have a small wish in them in hopes that it'll create a miracle.

Mascot Edit

The mascot for this brand is Astéri. Asteri is a fluffy, white ball with kitty ears and a star ribbon, along with a long white tail. Ayumi found Asteri when she was looking at the meteor shower she saw a fluffy white meteor so she ran towards it hoping that it'd be a new type of meteor but instead she found Astéri. Astéri bounced off of her head so she kept running after Astéri until she found snow on a tree and she wondered what it would taste like so she ate it and spit it out and continued to follow Astéri but then she found a flower so she ate it and it surprisingly tasted really good like honey. She realized she was getting distracted way too easily so she kept following Astéri. Astéri led her to a dark cave that looked like a ghost cave which led Ayumi to grab Lala, Ichika, and Hazuki along with a flashlight since she was too scared to go in alone. They went into the cave with their flashlights when they saw a shadow dart across the room. They followed the shadow until it led them to a room with a red substance on the wall, looking a lot like blood. Later it was revealed that it was smashed strawberries but they kept going on even though they were all screaming until they found a fluffy ball that looked like a demon. The fluffy ball turned on its flashlight and put it on its face reveals that the ghost was Astéri all along. Ayumi decided to make Astéri her mascot because they had already come so far and she thought that Astéri would make a good mascot.