The Symphony Eclarier Coord is the third starter coord Cera Komori receives as a gift from her sister, Kimi who was the original owner of the coord.

Appearance Edit

Description Edit

Symphony Eclarier Top Edit

A corset-syled top.The top is white with black lining the collar, adorned with a sapphire jewel on a gold base which is attached to a ruffled white cravat. A indigo bolero jacket adorns the top as well. The lower half is black plaid with blue-indigo string and lines through it. The cuff on each sleeve is dark blue with a single gold button. On each hand is a ruffled, dark blue velvet fingerless gloves.

Symphony Eclarier Skirt

A pleated skirt with black plaid and blue-indigo string and lines through it. Blue and gold music notes around the bottom of the skirt and a diamond chain adorns it. A golden and white ruffled petticoat is underneath the skirt, chains hanging off the hem. Black straps hold onto the first layer, made of the same fabric from the lower half of the top.

Symphony Eclarier Shoes Edit

Dark indigo Mary-Janes with a blue bow accented with a treble clef in the middle. Two tiny chains hang from the ribbon tails. Black stockings with a strip on the side of the leg with dark blue and gold ribbons criss-crossing.

Symphony Eclarier Accessory Edit

Sapphire earrings on a golden base.