''You'll actually .. be my friend?'' -Yumi to Ichika

Yumi Tenshi(裕美天使) Is a young female designer, and a side character In Aikatsu! Next Melody, she Is the designer of Sweet Story and former designer of Blossoming Angel. Her age Is currently unknown but It Is known she Is supposed to be quite old.

Bio Edit

Yumi Tenshi Is a young female designer who designs the brand Sweet Story, although the brand Isn't quite famous and she Isn't a top designer she Is Improving on her designs. In the past, she only stayed In the company building of Sweet Story, the mansion she lives In on the large mountain located In the Sweet Story forest.

She soon opened up to the Idol Ichika Hoshimiya who helped her through her stress, giving her hope and the courage to continue designing the Sweet Story coords.

Appearance Edit

Yumi Is a short female girl, with long length cotton candy blue hair that reaches her ankles when put down. She ties her hair up In pigtails held up by a medium sized yellow star with a blue star located near the yellow star. Yumi has strawberry red eyes, and Is usually seen In dungarees or pink Lolita clothing.

Yumi doesn't have separated bangs, making her have a fringe. She also has a piece of hair standing up on her head, and usually blames It on bed hair but In reality she always had It.

Personality Edit

Yumi Is seen as strict most of the time, and very hard to communicate with as she has a short temper which leads her Into trouble most of the time; She can't properly state her feelings, making people assume she Is always mad at them. This Is just the side affect of not socializing to people for so long, due to that she can easily become shy and flustered, making It so she holds a umbrella to cover her face with when embarrassed.

She mostly likes designing clothes to state her feelings, under her strict persona she has a shy personality that she hides with, with her strict and rude persona. Although, she starts opening up the more you talk to her, but she's known to be hard to get to know.

She has no sense of direction, so she usually gets lost when she's out alone, she also gets mistaken as a child when she's actually a old teenager. Although, she thinks of ways to use It as a advantage, such as buying her favorite dolls without anyone knowing she's actually quite old, she has a childish behavior when It comes to cartoons and such. She still loves them, and would love to buy all the merchandise, people say she's a adult stuck In a kids body.

Yumi actually likes Ichika hugging her, she also holds her hand often but becomes flustered when Ichika smirks at her and grabs her hand and hugs her, as Yumi Is still opening up to socializing.

Background Edit

Creating Sweet Story Edit

When Yumi was young, she was very sick and still Is. She couldn't travel the world like she wanted to, a explorer that would create coords for every adventure that was created, Yuma her twin brother started drawing coords similar to hers, and Yumi saw that he was healthy so she asked him If she could help her make her dream come true. To find the one who can create the adventures for her, that can be a adventure. He denied It at first, but soon accepted when he saw the passion In Yumi, both were very young and incapable of creating the Brand, so they debuted as a Solo Brand that wasn't official

Making Sweet Story Official Edit

They got reports due to the Incident of creating the Brand, needing to make It official they send In forms, but failed due to the Idea of a Fairy Tale type brand, the only way to make It official Is to get a 100 members, Yumi knew It was hard and wanted to stop, but Yuma encouraged her to try, both of them realizing this was a Adventure, Yumi started drawing coords based off what was happening as they both tried.

First Coord Edit

The first Coord was created when the brand became official, It was without a Name, a Coord without a name would be useless, but Yumi believed when her dream comes true, the User who would shine enough comes, she will leave the Coord without a name, as only that User can name the Coord.

Hiatus Edit

Yumi put Sweet Story on a Hiatus when her twin brother Yuma left, due to only being confident when her brother was by her side she could no longer create coords with passion, and only use the old coords as she created plenty to last, but she felt like she'll no longer ever create a new story, the sweet passion she had faded.

Ichika's Debut Edit

Yumi Instantly knew Ichika could be the one, but she was Insecure so she turned her back, Ignoring Ichika's debut. Hoping Ichika would change her brand, as she knew It was too good to be true, regardless of the years she waited, she didn't want to be wrong, but constantly thinking about Ichika's debut.

The Miracle Edit

When Ichika went to get a PR, hoping she would pass, Ichika realized how lonely Yumi was without her twin brother Yuma, Yumi was left alone not creating a new Premium Rare, leaving It useless for Ichika going on the adventure to get the Premium Rare, Yumi kept Ignoring Ichika, but Ichika got her attention by doing reckless acts, In the end Yumi ended up getting lost, getting scared, unable to walk In a forest without her twin brother, all her tears flooded as she saw a figure, the figure was Ichika, who created a miracle In Yumi's words. That's when both of them followed a rainbow to get back, Yumi decides to let Ichika help her create the premium rare, creating the Miracle Story Coord.

Relationships Edit

Ichika Hoshimiya - Ichika Hoshimiya Is Yumi Tenshi's best friend, and first friend apart from her brother Yuma, Ichika Is her muse for Sweet Story, and always uses photos of her to create coords. She usually gets embarrassed and shy but both have a cute relationship as Ichika loves cuddling Yumi, Yumi barely lets her hug her without a fight but sometimes lets her hug her out of being shy.

Yuma Tenshi - Yumi's brother, both are very close and sometimes fight

Ayumi Shiratori - Both are friends, Ayumi sometimes helps her with designing

Etymology Edit

Yumi(裕美) literally translates to "abundant, beauty", a reference towards the fact her title Is the Abundant Of Beauty.

Tenshi(天使) means angel, or messenger from heaven.

Quotes Edit

''My Brother was the reason why I could create coords, without him I'm useless. Stop wasting your time'' -To Ichika

''A rainbow Is a miracle..? Why did you come after me..? Ichika.. your like a fairy tale, It makes me want to design again.. BUT ONLY IF YOU BE MY FRIEND! I mean, Ignore that'' -Yumi's reply to Ichika when she came to save her

''I guess you can help me create a coord! And name It.. Because you said you'd be my friend, like a miracle? Right!'' -Yumi's reply to Ichika

''You cannot eat candy before dinner, did you hear? The creature of candy that Is disgusted by kids who eat candy before dinner will come after you and eat you, actually no I'll do that. Clean up the table now'' -To Karin and Lala

''Only Ichika can give me huggies.. I MEAN I MEAN AHHHHHHHH!'' -Yumi when Ayumi tried hugging her

''Stop- Stop, I'm too shy! Stop looking at me you!! YOU ARE GROUNDED!'' -Meeting Ichika's friends

''Candy! The Ultimate Limited Edition of Fairy Candy!! UHH I MEAN- I'm not a 9 year old I'm- Never mind, all you need to know Is that I'm older than all of you, but I can have that, no reason at all. I don't like It, Candy Fairy will be lonely without me anyways'' -Yumi's reply to Lala and Cera treating her like a child

Trivia Edit

  • Yumi tends to have a soft spot with Ichika
  • Yumi denies It, but she actually likes Ichika hugging her
  • Yumi dislikes sour sweets
  • Yumi loves vegetables
  • Yumi states no one will let her have coffee due to her height
  • She loves drinking tea
  • Her coords are usually based off her own stories, but also real fairy tales
  • .Yumi shares her birthday with Ichika so they usually have a merged birthday together
  • Yumi's real age Is unknown, but she has stated she Is older than Miyuki