Zazzy, also known as Ako-Chan, or Taka Shiba Is the founder of Aikatsu! Next Melody, she sings for Ichika Hoshimiya, and voices for Mielle Le Lumiere and Chika Hoshimiya. It Is still not known If she will voice and sing for Miyuki Kanzaki It depends on her voice range, Zazzy Is also currently one of the youngest In both Aikatsu! Next Melody team and Iluminis Project, although her age Is still private she Is known to be the tallest.

Information Edit

Zazzy Is currently one of the members of Illuminis Projects and the Next Melody development team. She usually writes the plots, backgrounds, and stories for Illuminis Projects. She also Is the leader of the Amino Aikatsu! Amino the fanbase for Aikatsu! fans.

Zazzy Is known to create various stories, Aikatsu! Next Melody being her primary and currently the only one known to most people. She Is known to want to become a Author In the future.

Biography Edit

Zazzy was born on March the 3rd, the year Is currently unknown due to personal reasons. Zazzy Is British but she's a mixed race, her mother being Irish and father being Pakistani. She can speak basic Arabic, and Punjabi and Is currently learning Korean.

She was also In a former school band with her late friend Lillith, she played the Piano and Is known to be able to play Violins but due to her hand condition she can no longer play any Instrument. Her hobby Is drawing, as she finds that she can express her feelings In It rather than writing due to her condition.

Her condition Is currently unknown as she'd like to keep It private but It Is known It's to do with the hands, she also would rather keep her name private.

Zazzy has a YouTube which Is named ZazzyJulia Winx, she often gets embarrassed due to the username; she shares her channel with one of her best friends Julia who she knew for 5 years or more.

Etymology Edit

Zazzy Is a nickname of Zarah which means Flower towards the sun or sunflower. Although Zazzy Is also short for shiny, or flashy.

Characters Edit

The list of the characters she has created.

Trivia Edit

  • She shares her birthday with Ichika Hoshimiya
  • She also shares her birthday with Tsu
  • Including Yume Nijino from Aikatsu! Stars
  • Her favorite colors Include Purple, white and black
  • She treats all her OCs like real people
  • So she never states a favorite nor Insults one of them
  • Her favorite foods Include spicy tuna, noodles, white rice, or anything spicy at all
  • She Is known not to have any disliked foods
  • She enjoys spice, sweetness, and sour
  • Her favorite soda Dr. Pepper
  • Whilst her favorite drink Is Tea
  • She takes a liking Into traditional music or Instrumental music
  • Usually being violin, piano, flute or clarinet
  • Her hobbies Include drawing, creating stories, reading
  • She has a love for Anime
  • Her favorite animes Include Naruto, Boku No Hero Academia and Tokyo Ghou
  • Her favorite character In Naruto Is Hinata Hyuga
  • Whilst her favorite character In Boku No Hero Academia Is Midoriya Izuku also known as Deku
  • As for Tokyo Ghoul, It's Touka Kirishima
  • She also has a love for K-Pop
  • Her favorite being BTS
  • She states she cannot choose a Bias, as all of them biaswreck her
  • But she does state that Taehyung Is her ultimate bias, Yoongi Is her bias and then Jungkook Is her biaswrecker
  • Although she does get biaswrecked by them all
  • She also likes BLACKPINK, NCT U, SF9, MAMAMOO
  • Her favorite solo artist Is Sunmi
  • She dislikes HyunA
  • She has a love for Absolute Castaway